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Vans Old Meets Knu - Raymund and Badjao

Vans recently launched a Global Campaign called “Old Meets Knu”, featuring different renditions from across the globe with icons who've paved the way in skateboarding, music, and the arts. The goal? To unite Vans' timeless and iconic shoe, the Old Skool, with its recently introduced counterpart, the Knu Skool, acting as a bridge in today’s rapidly changing trends.

From skateboarding legend Tony Alva to rising skate athlete Briana Gearing, the campaign seeks to inspire the next generation with the essence of the brand.

Most recently, the Philippines presented its own version, infused with a unique musical twist. Enter two music icons - Rock Legend Raymund Marasigan and Rising Star Badjao De Castro.

What might seem like a jamming session between two musicians is, in fact, a visual representation of the ethos these shoes embody, albeit with a twist.

Let’s begin with Raymund Marasigan. For many familiar with the acclaimed musician, Raymund's musical journey is a testament to continual progression. His refined love for the craft translates into modern sound, seamlessly aligning with the Knu Skool.

Then, there's Badjao De Castro, famously known as a next-generation drummer making waves with his contemporary style. Badjao epitomizes the spirit of the Old Skool, with the brand’s roots ingrained into his primed sticks, his style is inspired by a timeless rendition that fits into his modern upbringing.

So, what sets the Philippine version apart? It's the convergence of two musicians in their natural element, with their sound serving as a visual representation of the shoes' essence. True to their roots, the shoes remain firmly embedded with the iconic side-stripe we know and love. More so, apart from the fact that these two are actually connected to each other, reflects on how it speaks to the evolution of the brand.

As stated, the musicians are chiming in, and Vans is coming through. Two iconic shoes, one emblem, one iconic sidestripe with the same waffle sole. 

Rooted in a shared passion for music with a rhythm that transcends generations, Raymund and Badjao inspire with #OldMeetsKnu.



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