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Visual Diary by Ian Francisco for PARCINQ SUPER FRESH

Every artist in history has already proven that when you look deep into the face of the unhinged reality, you will find things that will inspire you to create art in its truest form. Things that you'll connect with on a whole new level — things that you will want to protect with all your peace regardless of its end game.

That’s the thing about art, it is in all things and all things are in art. It is a profound embodiment of the word’s feelings, most intimate and infinitely varied and poignant thoughts through every artist that walked our path.

As Oscar Wilde once said: life imitates art far more than art imitates life. And the proofs are in the art of these #PARCINQSUPERFRESH featured artists.

The Artist

For 28-year-old Fashion Filmmaker Ian Francisco, inspiration is found through the prism of new and unexpected creations. His art is an amalgamation of realistic and unrealistic elements which makes it more interestingly beautiful, like listening to a nostalgic but unfamiliar tune.

“My art style is kind of experimental. It can also be sampled like a growing person; it’s ever-changing,” says Ian. “At this phase of my life, I can say that my style is influenced by my love for music and movies, creating stories with cinematic and enjoyable compositions. The mood depends on how I feel, sometimes I love the delightful and colorful treatment, and sometimes I want something that’s dark and emotive.”

Like every artist, his art possesses the inner workings of his soul, which transcends to uncover the beauty and give meaning to the most mundane areas of being alive.

“My goal in making these fashion films is to express and satisfy myself, desiring that it will define my purpose and passion in life. I’m also hoping that these self-indulgence videos of mine can move and inspire creativity or people like me to make something.”

The Muse

Though talent is innate to each artist, inspiration can come from many different aspects of life. And sometimes behind an artist is another artist who inspires new passion and creativity to work beyond the boundaries of imagination. For Ian, he found that in the presence of the 26-year-old model, Franz Garcia.

“Working with Ian is great because Ian is a fan of using old references and mixing them with ideas. Ian is also great when it comes to welcoming new ideas but staying true to his craft and aesthetic as a videographer,Franz said.

Over the years, our perception of an artist's "muse" has already changed along with the arts. Today, a muse is a person who serves as an artist's inspiration and the subject of the creative process and works of art. That's how Ian and Franz work. He is the yin to his yang. According to Ian, Franz knows the inner workings of every shoot that they do and has always brought good outcomes.

"Working with him [Franz] is always fun and collaborative; it's like two friends having good times in a playground," shares Ian.

As a professional model and an artist in his own right, Franz has learned a lot from Ian's artistry. He takes this inspiration to pursue his own finesse in the art-making process.

"I'm the type of artist that takes inspiration from other artists because I have this thinking that using any form of existing art is a great way of showing the younger generation about the history of art," He said.

The Visual Diary

During their most recent collaborative photoshoot for PARCINQ SUPER FRESH, aside from their stunning photos, the two worked on an emotional 2-minute fashion film featuring BJ Galang's spoken poetry about the raw emotions of loving someone.

"For me, drawing inspiration on 'Visual Diary' is a case-to-case scenario," Ian shared. "Sometimes, I want to think on my own, but right now, I love the idea of being collective and collaborative. I exchange ideas with like-minded people. Inspirations and interpretations of your team will add some flavors. To sum up, the music, color, and location will solidify it and give the final touch," Ian continued.

Ian has worked making videos for advertising and fashion-related brands, but he never fails to give something new to the table with his artistry.

"Inspirations are everywhere, so I'm not forcing myself to produce something when my creative juices are not working or cooperating," he said. "When 'that thing' pops in my head, I usually take notes of it because I know that's it. When the time comes, I create something from that idea and make it into a video. I'm also an introvert, and I think it's a blessing in disguise because I became observant," He said.

Dreamlike, intrigue, and a touch of surrealism. This shoot is a perfect example of PARCINQ SUPER FRESH's aesthetic. Franz offered a variety of angles that Ian captured on his lens. The production team, Philip Vargas as the photographer, Alexa Dignos as the stylist, Kacey Lozada as the makeup artist, and Edward Logarta as the gaffer all contributed to this dream. Scroll through the pictures to see how it all went down!

-------- Produced and Photographed by Philip Vargas

Fashion Film by Ian Francisco

Words by Mark Baccay

Poetry by BJ Galang

Styling by Alexa Dignos

Grooming by Kacey Lozada

Gaffer and light direction by Edward Logarta



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