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Viva Live’s “PULSO” concert brings together beat that drives OC Records

For OC Records, Kean Cipriano, Adie and UNIQUE are the main driving forces that fill up an already talent-heavy roster.

OC Records and Viva Live, Inc. is set to mount an exciting new show this November. Titled “PULSO,” the concert will feature three top solo music acts in Kean Cipriano, Adie Garcia and Unique Salonga. “PULSO” will happen on the 29th of November 2022 at the New Frontier Theater. Paolo Valenciano is set to direct the one-night-only show.

The three main acts on PULSO also happen to be the top acts on the OC Records label, the music label that Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano established some 4 years ago. Said music imprint has since made in an indelible mark on the Pinoy pop music scene, specializing in alternative tinged pop, rock and the ‘odd’ styled band or music act in between.

UNIQUE of course was with OC Records almost since the start. Since the singer-songwriter bolted out of IV of Spades, he has proven himself quite the creative force what with a hit full-length solo album that spawned a handful of hits and fan-fave singles that include “Sino,” “Midnight Sky,” “Ozone (Itulak Ang Pinto),” “Huwag Ka Sanang Magalit,” and “Bukod-Tangi.”

Adie (a.k.a. Adie Garcia) in turn is known for his breakout hit “Paraluman.” The song has been one of the biggest songs of 2021 and has been a comfort for Pinoy music fans for its lilting music and Adie’s effervescent singing. Adie has since become a steady source of hit singles for OC Records that include “Tahanan,” “Dungaw” and his recent Janine Berdin featured-hit “Mahika”

Kean Cipriano is of course the more experienced rocker, hitmaker of the three. As the frontman of Callalily, Kean has his share of big hits with said band. His career as a musician-recording artist has thrived for the past 20 years or so. This is the same experience that brings to OC Records as one half of its driving force. As OC’s Co-chairman/CEO, besides overseeing his label’s output as producer and all-around creative source, Kean still finds time to expand as a solo artist and has since released a string of worthy singles that include “Nandito Ka Na,” “Eye Contact,” and his most recent single “Tayuman.”

“PULSO” will bring these three top music acts together come November 29th. Veteran concert producing outfit Viva Live, Inc. will work with OC Records to bring to life the music in a live setting. An executive from the former has said that “it will be exciting to see Unique, Adie and Kean Cipriano playing their own sets and the possibilities of them working together on this concert will bring. Music fans are the ones who will come out as winners for the experience, we think.”

Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano, the heart of OC Records had this to say about the significance of the “PULSO” concert for the label and its roster of artists.

“For me, it is a thanksgiving for the blessing of freedom in creativity that our partners and our community has blessed our artists with,” Chynna said, adding that, “It is one thing to have a string of massive hits, but to be loved and supported while knowing that everything that you are sharing with the world is from your own unique way of making art, your own heart & feel, your own pulse is the biggest blessing.”

Finally Chynna, the VP for Artist Management and Production of OC Records had this to say of his partner and co-driving force.

“I am especially proud of Kean because it is his high purpose & gift to instinctively know the anatomy of a hit song & a music icon. It is obvious that his pulse is on point considering that OC (Records) is a baby in the music business. He has paved the way and cemented stable music careers for Adie, Unique & more.”

“PULSO” is a Viva Live, Inc. and OC Records production. Tickets to the concert at now available via TicketNet outlets nationwide and online. Ticket prices range from P 5,000 for SVIP, P3,600 for VIP, P2,400 for Orchestra and Loge and Balcony going for P 1,800 and P 900, respectively.



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