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VXON invasion in TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival

Every P-pop fan's dream is to see their favorite group perform live in person. Who doesn't like to feel that strong energy of the audience, the beautiful crowd glittering throughout the entire venue, and witness the memorable performances, incredible live vocals of the members, and the synchronization of the group dance, right?

Luckily for VIXIES, the fandom of the "Monster Rookie" of P-pop known as VXON, that dream is about to come true. The group will be performing at the upcoming TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival and many other P-pop groups to celebrate the best of OPM through music, talent, and camaraderie.

PARCINQ Magazine had the opportunity to talk to VXON about their preparation for the upcoming festival. We assure you, there's so much to look forward to TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival and VXON.

As a newbie in the industry, to be invited in a P-pop music festival is already a big success for the group, “Since bago palang po kami sa industry, we feel very blessed and humbled sa pag welcome saamin ng mga tao and marami din kaming nakilalang P-pop groups na naging friends nadin namin," Says C13, the leader, main rapper, center, and visual of the group. "So, super surreal parin ng feeling and happy na nabigyan kami ng ganitong opportunity na tumulong to uplift P-pop and ipakilala talaga ang P-pop sa buong mundo."

The music and culture of P-pop are indeed thriving, especially in the past years. And for VXON, the TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival is a unique way to give credit to the groups paving the way for P-pop to rise. "Lahat naman po siguro ng tao na pinag hihirapan yung talent at skills na gusto nilang i-express sa kapwa nila tao is deserving na mapansin and sa P-pop we share the same fire and passion adn we all deserve to have this kind of attention," says Sam, the sub-vocalist, lead rapper of the group.

"Sobrang daming hidden gems dito sa Philippines and ones na ma recognize na talag yung P-pop, mas marami pang pinoy ang makikila and mabibigyanng opportunity para makilala sa ibang bansa," C13 added.


TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival celebrates the rising genre of Pinoy music. It’s a play on the words “tugtog” as “play,” the sound of a beat or heartbeat (tug-tug), and plus “tugatog” that means “peak” or “summit”. It is one grand celebration of talent and an amalgamation of talents as it will feature the most prominent and talented P-pop groups such as Alamat, BGYO, Bini, LITZ, MNL48, PPOP Generation, Press Hit Play, 1st.One, and VXON in one stage.

"We will perform our debut single, The Beast, and our latest song, P.S. in the festival," C13 said. But is it really VXON if there are no surprises? Well, the group also shared that they will be performing a surprise track, so VIXIES beware!

The group has been very hands-on in their performance, and they shared that they undergo vocal training and dance rehearsals every day. They even hand their piece of thought in conceptualizing their own stage for TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival.

Aside from the concert, Tugatog merchandise, in the form of t-shirts, bags, notebooks, and more, will also be available at the event. Tickets for the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival are already available at SMtickets.


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Produced Exclusively by Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. and Parcinq Magazine Team for Tugatog PH

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by Marielle Filoteo

Interview by Anna Fregillana and LA Bendana

Styling by Mac Bersalona, Joshua Galang and Mai Chua for @mesmyrrhized

Videography by Sean Amador

Assisted by Juan Miguel Lapidez & Joshua Navarro

Set Design by Rooster Production Design



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