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WATCH: Conti’s Giving Back the Delight to Local Harvesters

Love is sweet, they say. True. But the sweetness of love is developed through a process. Let Conti’s count the way.

Like love, Conti’s Mango Bravo is made just right. It has achieved perfection because the fruits used in making the confectionary delight are a labor and flavor of love—just like Christmas. Make that Filipino Christmas because mango, after all, is a Filipino symbol.

On its own, the Mango Bravo is instantaneously a standout product, a celebration staple. In its wake are the joyful smiles broadly written on the faces of those who have partaken of this sweet ending or beginning. Because, really, something so good like Mango Bravo has no ending or beginning. The luscious taste is just there—forever present.

The not-so-secret ingredient, of course, are the mangoes themselves. And for this, the bakeshop has gratitude to their local mango harvesters.

Mangoes are harvested at their mature green state that will ripen during transportation and distribution.

“Behind each Mango Bravo are our unsung heroes, the mango farmers. What many do not realize is how far these mangoes go from the farm to the Conti’s stores,” quips Conti’s General Manager, Patricia Tan.

According to Patricia, Conti’s picks only the finest mangoes from different parts of the country. These farmers do not know that their harvest and the fruits of their labor are the stars in the gustatory pleasure of those who have fallen in love with Mango Bravo.

“The mango farmers are part of our bigger, extended family,” says Patricia. “We treat everyone as part of the Conti’s family, however big or small their role is. All customers, suppliers, and farmers are part of the Conti’s family. If not for them, we cannot bring a delightful celebration to every home.”

Watch how Conti’s decided to surprise them and brought the heartwarming experience to their home here.

There was a spark of hope on the joyful faces. Love was felt. Christmas came early.

Bravo local farmers! Bravo Conti’s! Now make it Mango Bravo!



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