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Your Favorite Bloggers Share Their Favorite barenbliss Products During The BNB Valentine’s Event

The allure of barenbliss products lies in their ability to enhance your beauty effortlessly, no matter the occasion—be it your birthday, a first date, or simply your everyday makeup routine. Yet, during the Feb-ibig month, we all yearn to radiate that romantic Valentine glow reminiscent of our favorite K-drama actors.

We recently caught up with some of our favorite bloggers during the Kiss of Bliss Valentine’s Event, eager to unveil their top BNB picks. To guide us in our beauty choices, they’re excited to share their most beloved beauty favorites.

  1. Yael Arevallo

For content creator Yael Arevallo, he swears by the “True Beauty Inside Cushion.” This high-coverage cushion not only simplifies on-the-go touch-ups but also boasts skincare benefits that pamper your skin while leaving behind a flawlessly breathable finish. 


  1. Tricia Ambeguia

Tricia’s absolute must-have from BNB? The “Ceramoist Glow Lip Serum.” Say goodbye to chapped lips for good! This serum not only prevents dryness but also works its magic to heal and restore, leaving you with nothing short of smooth, plump perfection, all in one swipe! 


  1. Margaux Enriquez & Audrey Domingo

Margaux and Audrey are obsessed with BNB’s “Fine To Refine Compact Powder”—and for good reason! This longwear, ultra-light powder with SPF 25 PA++ doesn’t just blot away oil for 24 hours, but it also delivers an airbrushed matte finish that’s simply divine for a camera-ready skin!


  1. Bennett Evangelista

“Peach Makes Perfect” is Bennett’s go-to! This lip tint offers a sweet peach scent, stained and shiny lips with 6 Naturals, and a milky-light gel formula. It leaves a glossy stain texture, flavored with food-grade peach for extra enjoyment. With staying power of up to 24 hours and no flaking, this tint is a must-have for Bennett's beauty arsenal!


Our bloggers just can't get enough of these BNB products—and once you try them, you won't be able to either! Get ready to elevate your beauty game to new heights with these must-have essentials.



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