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Zack Tabudlo, Ben&Ben, SB19 and More Artists to Perform in this Year’s BYE2021!


As we wave goodbye to the year that was and welcome 2022, UMUSIC Philippines presents BYE2021, an online music fest bringing you good music and good vibes to culminate all of this year’s challenges and growth. We entered 2021 not knowing what the year had in store for us yet here we are, still optimistic for the future and hopeful as ever. 2021 was tough but we made it through and that in itself is worth celebrating.

Let’s all sing our hearts out together to the tunes of our talented local artists like Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, SB19, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Juan Karlos, and Arthur Nery. With special participation of Paul Klein & Jake Goss of LANY, international singer of the viral and trending track “Ever After”, Bonnie Bailey; Thai superstar, Billkin; TikTok viral artist, Lyn Lapid; Maximillian, VALLEY, and more. There will also be special appearances from this year’s most influential content creators Maris Racal, Albert Nicolas, Jim and Saab, and TikTok sensation Ceejay Laqui. These stars are set to entertain you on December 31, 2021, from 7 PM onwards, so get together with your friends and family to enjoy live performances for FREE from a total of a whopping 37 artists. To upgrade your experience, you can avail of the BYE2021 Fan Pack which includes limited edition event merchandise and a ZoomPit ticket which gives you exclusive access to the meet-and-greet with your favourite artists and also a chance to be featured in the BYE2021 FanCam.

This year’s BYE2021 online music fest is also set to be bigger and better than last year’s BYE2020. Organizers also made sure that this year’s lineup consists of artists who will bring the most excitement to the audience and their fans. “Apart from the return of fan favorites SB19 and Ben&Ben, we’re excited to also include Careless Music Manila artists James Reid and Nadine Lustre. In addition, we also have artists that really highlighted and made a mark this 2021 like Adie, Arthur Nery, and of course breakout superstar of the year Zack Tabudlo.” the team proudly explained. “As compared to BYE2020, we no longer shot on a virtual stage, but on a physical set instead. That said, the production value of our performances are definitely a step up from last year.” How exciting!

The show is all about paying homage to the year’s highlights and celebrating our victories, both big and small. 2021 was undoubtedly challenging for everyone, so let’s wave goodbye to it with a positive outlook for 2022 by ringing in the new year tuning in to our favorite artists’ performances and stunning visual presentations together! You can access the show’s link and see more content from the show’s featured artists through BYE2021’s social media pages on Facebook (BYE 2021), Instagram (@bye2021ph), Twitter (@bye2021ph), Tiktok (@bye2021ph), and Youtube (bye2021). Join us and let’s welcome the new year together!

Check out the complete artist lineup down below! Which artist are you looking forward to seeing the most? Let us know by liking, commenting, sharing and replying to our posts.


Local Artists:

  • Ben&Ben

  • Zack Tabudlo

  • SB19

  • James Reid

  • Nadine Lustre

  • Juan Karlos

  • Arthur Nery


  • Justin Vasquez

  • Adie

  • Kiyo

  • Allison Shore

  • Yuridope (ExB)

  • Massiah

  • Jolianne

  • 8 Ballin’

  • Elha

  • Fern.

  • Over October

  • Cheats

  • VVS Collective

  • dia maté

  • R Rules

  • Fateeha

  • Tiffany Lhei

  • Scye

  • JMara

  • DonWilson

  • Daniel Paringit

  • Nobrvnd

  • St. Wolf

International Artists:

  • Paul Klein and Jake Goss of LANY

  • Bonnie Bailey

  • Billkin

  • Maximillian

  • Lyn Lapid

  • Valley

Influential Content Creators:

  • Maris Racal

  • Albert Nicolas (“Asian Cutie”)

  • Jim and Saab

  • Ceejay Laqui

BYE2021 is co-presented by Dove Hair, Creamsilk, Lifebuoy, Dove Skin Cleansing, Breeze, Knorr, Selecta, and U-COIN by Unilever. This event is also brought to you by Pepsi, and Tinder; sponsored by Popeyes; with official streaming partners, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok; and official music partner, Spotify.



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