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Silver Surfer

Black and Chrome: The latest #PARCINQFashion editorial titled “Silver Surfer” is an alchemic wonder. Adorned with accessories from Cold Gold and OS Accessories, model Craig Uy radiates fashion’s new energy and a whole lot of attitude.

Craig Uy Fashion COVER.png

On Craig, Bone Necklace from OS Accessories (@osaccessories), Rings from Cold Gold ( [variety]

On Craig, Top by Yves Camigue (@yvescmng_)

On Craig, Bone Necklace by OS Accessories (@osaccessories)

On Craig, Bone Necklace: OS Accessories (@osaccessories) Rings: Cold Gold ( [variety]


On Craig, Accessories from Cold Gold (


On Craig, Bracelet from Cold Gold (


On Craig, Vest by Beverly Moon (, Necklaces from Cold Gold (

Photography by  Rxandy Capinpin

Grooming by  Janica Cleto

Styling by  Bryan Laroza of #TeamRyujiShiomitsu

Assisted by Miguel Quilang

Cover Art and Video Editing by Joe Andy

Model  Craig Uy of New Monarq Manila

Special Thanks to  Anton Patdu

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