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​​1ST.ONE's Jayson and Alpha will Join and Take the Stage of Y Evolution 2023 in Thailand

Once again, a new year presents an opportunity to meet our favorite artists live!

The previous year saw several renowned international artists have their in-person concerts and meet-and-greets, and this year, the trend continues. So make sure you have saved enough money on your piggy bank because this might be the year you'll get up close and personal with your idols!

Y Evolution 2023

Hanyang International is bringing Y Evolution 2023, a gathering of extraordinary talents from all over ASIA, to Bangkok, Thailand!

Set on March 4, the one-day weekend event will see a convention at the Mastercard Cinema at SF World Cinema, Central World, and will be featuring fanbase activities, games, and even performances from different artists.

What to expect on Y Evolution 2023

Packed with fanbase games & activities, meet-and-greets, performances, and surprises - fans can expect an unforgettable experience only at Y Evolution 2023.

To start the event with a bang, Four actors from Korea and the Philippines will join the festivities at Y Evolution 2023 in Bangkok!

Filipino artists from the P-pop boy group 1ST.ONE's Jayson and Alpha will join and take the stage of Y Evolution 2023 together with Actors Dion and Q from Korea.

1ST.ONE's Jayson and Alpha recently announced that they are currently working with Hanyang Studio on upcoming series such as Wuju Bakery, Love Is Like A Cat, and Our Winter, with rising Thai Actors Jeff Satur and Barcode.

Y Evolution 2023 will be the first event that the two 1ST.ONE members will attend as actors.

How to participate

Being its pioneer year, Y Evolution 2023 recognizes the perfect opportunity to amplify the ever-growing global Asian artistry through fan engagement and entertainment.

Y Evolution 2023 opt to continue to promote a safe, enjoyable avenue for thousands of local and international fans to connect with each other and bring them closer.

Hanyang International recently released a guideline on claiming FREE tickets for the event!



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