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Ahead of Their Manila Debut, SCRUBB Wants to Learn More Filipino Words

For Thawatpon “Muey” Wongboonsiri and Torpong “Ball” Chantabubpha, the power of music lies in its ability to transcend boundaries—a notion they are eager to share with their Manila audience.

If you’re familiar with the tunes of “2Gether: The Series,” chances are you’ve already been touched by the melodies of SCRUBB. The Thai duo, known for their indie-pop and acoustic style, provided the soundtrack for the popular series starring BrightWin.

During an online media conference, Ball expresses that their journey has been filled with incredible experiences over the years, especially when they perform in various countries and witness the universal language of music in action.

Reflecting on their performances abroad, Ball further remarks the “indescribable feeling” that comes when singing in Thai, while audiences from diverse backgrounds resonate with their music.

“This (fans singing their songs) gives us fire and motivation to become better musicians and write more music,” says Ball, emphasizing the reciprocal energy exchanged between the duo and their international audience.

Their upcoming performance in Manila opens another chapter in their musical career as they are bound to connect with their Filipino fans for the very first time.

Speaking of their debut show, the duo have already learned some Filipino words like “kumusta” and “salamat,” as revealed by Muey. As they get ready to step into the country, they are also eager to learn more Filipino words and take a stroll in the streets.

“Teach us more Tagalog! I will learn about these before going to Manila,” Ball candidly asks and shares. 

So, anticipate hearing more Filipino words from SCRUBB on Feb. 10 at 123 Block, Mandala Park, alongside “Senior High” actor Elijah Canlas and “711” artist Toneejay, in an event powered by Gabi Na Naman Productions.



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