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Meet Kumu's 'Oppa-kilig Crooner' Lee Oliveros and His 2024 Summer Resolution

“Nuks, travel travel na lang, daming pera ah?” Kumu content creator Lee Oliveros often encounters comments like these, suggesting he spends extravagantly on his solo travels. While the statement may either be intended as a jest or a critical remark, Lee takes his travels seriously, viewing them as more than just a leisurely pursuit.

And for him, he doesn’t mind spending his hard-earned money from streaming on Kumu and all his side hustles on experiences that genuinely make him happy.

“I think everyone deserves to indulge themselves in the ways they want when they have taken care of their responsibilities. I think everyone deserves to have what they can afford to pay for,” he quips. 

With this perspective of the world around him, the “Oppa-Kilig Crooner” always believes in the mantra “Live the life you’ve always wanted as long as you do no harm to others,” which was once put as a caption on his social media. The philosophy guides not only his personal decisions but also his interactions with his audience, as he strives to spread positivity and inspire others to pursue their dreams responsibly.

Now, with the money earned from his Kumu endeavors, Lee has a heartfelt resolution for the summer of 2024: to embark on a journey, not alone this time, but with his parents by his side.

However, his past experience weighs heavily on his mind. The disappointment of last year’s failed plans, when he purchased single-use vouchers for his family’s flights but couldn’t fulfill them due to financial constraints, serves as a cautionary tale. Determined not to repeat the same mistake, he keeps his upcoming travel plans close to his chest, wary of tempting fate once more.

“So hopefully, I could travel with them soon,” he remarks. 

The Kumu Comeback

For the past few months, the wanderlust singer has been honing his streaming skills since his return to the blue platform in April 2023. Currently, he’s part of the weekly collaboration “Boypop,” which airs every Sunday on his current agency, The Paragon Entertainment’s channel. 

“With the help of my LEEZZZGO FAM (his supporters), I was able to earn my Bronze Badge within weeks of my comeback and won several campaigns, including the lead role for the Kumu ‘Type Kita Serye’ opposite BINI Mikha, The Dream Calendar and magazine feature, and now this Parcinq Digital Feature,” he fondly recalls.

After various travels to different places, Lee now calls Kumu his home and pledges to continue providing quality live streams where he engages in insightful discussions about anything under the sun, exchanges jokes and laughter, and serenades.

“It’s always been my supporters, my LEEZZZGO FAM,” Lee expresses as he shares his inspiration to keep going. “And like any other fame-related experience campaigns, this could help inspire more smart-working dreamers and widen my reach even further.”

Whether in Kumu streaming, singing, traveling, or being a loving son, Lee excels in every endeavor with passion and dedication combined. His solo travels over the past years have undoubtedly contributed to his growth and development as an artist and as a person. 

Now that he has more time with his loved ones, he gladly packs his bags to start a list of journeys with them. As he shares, “Traveling and simply cherishing every moment I get with them could be one of the best experiences I could treasure for the rest of my life.”

Curious to learn more about Lee and his upcoming travels with his family? Hit the follow button @leeoliveros on Kumu to be notified when he goes live. Stay tuned for exciting updates, travel tips, and heartwarming adventures shared straight from the singing charmer himself!


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling by Dave Arden

Makeup by Nadynne Esquerra and Jhai Castillo

Hair by Vilma Legaspi

Produced in partnership with Kumu



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