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Aphro Apollo’s Latest Book ‘Morbid: When the Party’s Over’ is For Those Who Want to Heal

The ache of what could have been but never quite was is a familiar feeling. 

And in Aphro Apollo’s latest book, “Morbid: When the Party’s Over,” he explores modern love with themes of longing and failed relationships. Despite its title suggesting thoughts of death, the author transforms the concept into a metaphor for the ambiguous nature of relationships today.

In the opening pages, Aphro’s dedication resonates deeply with those who have experienced the sting of almosts and maybes. To those who have been on the cusp of something more, but never quite crossed that threshold. To the ones who have tasted the sweetness of firsts, only to be left yearning for more. To those relegated to the sidelines, kept on the backburner of someone else’s priorities.

Through seven chapters, the “Beyond the Broken Us” writer captures the essence of modern relationships, as he puts it, “[the book is] a slap on the face that will remind you that you should not be too complacent when it comes to love— especially in this modern day age.”

He admits that writing the book was initially driven by a need to heal from a failed relationship. However, he soon discovers its transformative power extends to healing others too. From its first chapter “Don’t Jump” to “Clean Slate,” Aphro’s journey in the book is a healing one, navigating the nature of love akin to a fading party.

As Aphro quips, just as a party eventually ends, so too does love, leaving behind memories and a sense of loss. His book serves as an ode to himself and to his readers about love’s fleeting nature and the reality of heartbreak that comes along with it. 

“Just like being in a party,  eventually the music winds down, and people go their separate ways, so too does love reach its conclusion, leaving behind memories and a sense of loss,” says the “Last December” author.

Ultimately, Aphro Apollo’s journey concludes with an empowering lesson on self-care and self-love. Through his experiences, he learns to prioritize his well-being, reminding readers that healing starts with oneself, culminating with the realization, “I’m finally learning to put myself first.”


Photography by Josh Aguinir

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

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