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Here's to Showing YML's Brian as One of P-pop's Fashionistas

K-pop idols are currently jet-setting fashion mavens, commanding the front rows of Paris Fashion Week and representing luxury brands like Tod’s with effortless flair. Take NCT’s Jungwoo, for instance, or the stylish Blackpink members who are definitely in the game. And let’s not forget aespa’s Karina, who’s single-handedly making “French girl” style a global sensation even more. 

But wait, P-pop isn’t lagging behind in the fashion game! Meet Yes My Love’s very own style guru, Brian Zamora. He’s the guy who effortlessly blends edgy streetwear with classy formal looks, leaving everyone wondering, “How does he do it?”

Brian’s secret? A dash of versatility and a sprinkle of innate style sense. Whether he’s strutting in streetwear or suiting up, he’s got fans on the edge of their seats, eager for his next fashion escapade.

In one of his Instagram posts, he wrote, "Not the type who follows the dress code."

So, no matter if it’s the next mall show, sponsor event, or just an everyday stroll, Brian’s the guy who keeps things light, fun, and totally on point. With him around, the P-pop fashion game just got a whole lot more exciting!

While we're reveling in Brian's fashion taste, why not catch their group’s latest single “Laging Naroon Ka,” out now on all digital music streaming platforms? The visualizer will be available on April 27.



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