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Beyond The Seams: SoFA’s Grad Show 2024

Every stitch, silhouette, and piece tells a narrative in a world where imagination is the pillar. With young minds at the forefront of the local fashion industry, "Beyond The Seams: SoFA’s Grad Show 2024" celebrates Filipino creativity. 

Through Amina Aranaz's vision, Filipino talent was in the limelight and the show was held in the Tree of Life, at the Natural History Museum.

Through SoFA’s education, students are prepared to lead the fashion industry. 19 emerging designers showcased their collections, marking not only a milestone but also highlighting their potential to innovate and progress. 

Here at Parcinq Magazine, we bore witness to the artistry of these budding designers, ones to look out for. 

Janelle Maxine Hung 

With her “Intertwined” collection, Maxine Hung invites us to embark on a journey through the myriad shades of life’s final chapter. With a blend of artistry and empathy, Maxine delicately weaves together stories of love, loss, and legacy.

Stephanie Satorre 

Stephanie's collection emerges as an homage to her cherished companions from childhood. Within her designs, creativity weaves through every seam, crafting a narrative that speaks to the essence of her being. Drawing inspiration from the boundless energy and whimsical charm of her pets, Stephanie's creations transcend mere garments, transporting us to a world where imagination reigns supreme.

Hannah Tapawan 

Inspired by her mother’s love, “Unveiled” is a collection created by Hannah Tapawan, inviting us into the heart of a mother’s resilience amidst the thorns of adversity. Each piece tells a story of how relationships can wither and fade, yet beyond that, there exists a strength that surpasses love.

Gil Salazar 

“Femme” is a collection presented by Gil Salazar, a translation of raw beauty while celebrating Gil’s femininity. With every stitch, seam, and delicate fabric, Gil shatters the confining barriers of gender norms, challenging preconceived notions of what it means to be a man or woman and bringing pride and courage to the forefront.

Reese Capistrano 

With her collection titled “Dreams,” Reese Capistrano invites us into a boundless narrative where reality dissolves into limitless possibilities. Here, escapism meets introspection, yet amidst her collection, Reese reminds us that while dreams may offer solace, we must confront our challenges with courage and resilience.

Elisha Solamo 

Through the stitches in her collection, “Wasps and Bees,” Elisha Solamo unfolds a narrative of self-discovery. Emerging from the confines of nature, like wasps and bees, her creativity flows, revealing the raw and delicate beauty inherent in the pieces she creates. 

Emir Loresto 

For his collection, “Armored Heart,” Emir Loresto translates from the depths of being used and abused for his kindness, emerging with armor, a shield woven from the fibers of his resilience. This collection bears witness to and tells the story of transformation, turning pain into power and bringing forth a testament that the indomitable spirit rises with adversity.

Dana Sadile 

Dana Sadile’s “Chasing the Dreams” collection emerges as an ode to the indomitable spirit of being an immigrant. From the echoes of her upbringing to the present, her collection serves as a testament woven in threads of strength, perseverance, and determination that lie within and beyond.

Myca Bulanadi 

Through courage and grace, Myca Bulanadi exemplifies her collection titled 'Ebb and Flow,' taking us on a journey through the layers of healing and fluidity, creating a story of highs and lows that define the path to self-discovery.

Kamille Ramos 

In Kamille Ramos’ “Renata” collection, she explores battles beyond her years. Through each fabric and silhouette of her designs, we witness a journey of resilience and unyielding spirit. From the depths of darkness that threatened to consume her, she emerges, battered yet undefeated, her flame burning brighter than ever before, empowered.

Francis Odoy

Francis Odoy’s “Failed Connection” collection invites us into her personal story, transforming moments of pain into triumphs of resilience and growth with each piece. The collection stands as a nod to Francis’ journey and showcases the power of creativity in the face of adversity.

Erica Terol 

With her collection titled “BE,” Erica Terol explores a journey through the currents of life’s unpredictable tides. The notion of control and surrendering to the unknown may have seemed daunting at first, yet as we navigate the waves, we discover the truth. The celebration of liberation lies not in resistance but in embracing the flow with grace and intention woven through each piece.

John Valenzuela 

In his “Perpetua” collection, John Valenzuela showcases resilience and redemption through the narrative of moving from brokenness to wholeness. Turning his struggles into triumphs, he creates a collection that embodies self-discovery, resilience, and renewal. With boundless creativity, he portrays this journey perfectly.

Lucia Cadiz 

“Dilemma’s Departure” is Lucia Cadiz's collection, where she leads us into a labyrinth of existential musings and introspective journeys. With her collection serving as the canvas for her creativity, Lucia paints a narrative that delves into the human experience. Each stitch, each fabric choice, resonates with the haunting beauty of life's dilemmas and departures, inviting us to confront the complexities of our existence.

Nicole Paril 

Inspired by Manila’s nightlife scene, “Escapism” is a collection that resonates with Nicole Paril’s vision, where the darkness of the night ignites a sense of life within. For her, the collection serves as an homage to the energy of club and rave culture, where boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, and the heart of the city comes alive under the flashing lights.

Amaya Severino 

Amaya’s collection, titled “Madness,” delves into the exploration of the intricate masks we wear and the truths we conceal every day. This collection serves as a reflection of her journey of self-discovery towards finding the power of confidence and optimism, evident in every fabric she selects without any doubt.

Kayla Flores 

Kayla Flores’ “Inter” collection narrates her transformative journey through its pieces. From her initial confusion and anxiety to a state of open-mindedness and acceptance, her creations serve as reflections of her resilience and determination to embrace her truth. Amidst the phases of self-discovery and self-doubt, it embodies her evolution as both a woman and an artist.

Dev Kuramoto 

“Electric Erotica” is a collection where Dev Kuramoto shares a deeply personal narrative of self-discovery and liberation. With her collection, she is redefining sensuality, empowerment, and pleasure. Embracing the determination to craft a new narrative, one that incorporates fear and pleasure in their purest forms, Dev intertwines creativity.

Gerald Farofaldane 

In his “Flight of Sodom,” Gerald Farofaldane created a collection that talks about the stigma of HIV and AIDS. Leaving a trail of emotional devastation while fighting against the stigma, his collection stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity. Through the lens of a shared vision, he utilizes the power of his voice to remain relevant and take flight.


Producer: Rxandy Capinpin

Words: L.A Bendaña

Lookbook Photographer: Brian Mamawan

Backstage Photographer: Alvin Chua

Assistant Art Director: Keyo Romero

Runway Photographer: Irah Umlas

BTS Photographer: Dani Pojas

Videographer/Filmmaker: Jaydee Alberto

Assistant Videographer: Stanley Santiago