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Billkin and PP Krit on Music, Fashion, and Catching Moonbeams

As the sun gently lowers, it weaves a tapestry of colors across the sky, giving us a reassuring pat on the back for making it through the day. It’s that golden hour where magic seamlessly unfolds in every fading ray, and all we have to do is gaze, breathe, and tell the sunset about the day. 

Beneath the horizon, where the sun dipped and cast a hue over the Philippines, rising Thai actors Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit embarked on a journey that’s nothing short of memorable. 

The names of these two actors are likely to strike a chord with many, given their ability to enthrall audiences with their acting prowess, charisma, and on-screen chemistry. They made more buzz with the characters they portrayed in the coming-of-age boys’ love series, “I Told Sunset About You.” And if there’s one thing that they would likely tell with the Philippine sunset, it’s that they found a home away from home during their visit.

As much as they are loved as actors, there’s more to them beyond the screen. In this cover story preview, Billkin and PP share a peek into their respective passions.

Billkin on making more music

Beyond the scripts and set lights, Billkin and PP are multi-talented artists. They lent their voices to the series’ soundtrack, connecting even more with the viewers across Asia and worldwide. The experience spurred them to have their solo music careers, each brimming with their style and artistry to their respective projects.

The musical journey of Billkin began with an unexpected opportunity that led to the birth of the original soundtrack for “My Ambulance The Series.” Recognizing his proficiency in ballads and slow, emotional songs, the producers sought to capture the essence of the show’s mood through a fitting musical accompaniment sung by him. Thus, “You are My Everything” was born, setting the stage for his exploration into the realm of music beyond television.

The mentorship of producers Bell Supol and the Nadao team played a role in his musical venture. Learning from Bell Supol about the intricacies of the songwriting process, the actor discovered the importance of a theme that resonates with both personal experiences and the audience. Exploring melody, mood, tempo, arrangement, lyrics, and motif deepened his understanding of the holistic approach to the creative process of making a song.

Hence, delving into Billkin Entertainment, he recognized the importance of a collaborative approach.

“I knew that I wasn’t quite experienced enough to lead the whole thing, so I needed a partner to help make decisions and oversee processes,” he shared. “Naturally, I learned more as I went along and became more confident. I am always gaining more experience and getting better each day.”

Recently, Billkin added another chapter to his journey as he joined forces with none other than the number one Original Pilipino Music artist in 2022, Zack Tabudlo, for a romantic, new rendition of “Give Me Your Forever.” This musical collaboration not only underscores Billkin’s global appeal but further cements his connection to the Filipinos, as he continues to break new ground in a foreign land. 

He quipped that although he wasn’t there from the start, he was still able to contribute ideas to the collaboration. 

“Zack is amazing both as an artist and as a friend. He can do everything. He was the one who made it happen and I would love to do more collaborations with him,” he remarked. 

He further said that he wants to work with Bruno Mars in the future, and with a mischievous grin, Billkin continued, “PP wants to spar with [Manny] Pacquiao,” playfully mimicking boxing moves with his hands.

PP on embracing his own fashion style

For PP, fashion is more than just clothing; it’s a canvas for self-expression. His foray into the fashion world since he was young sets him apart from the rest, with his distinctive sense of style that’s sure to make heads turn. 

“I don’t have a personal style, but I just like to dress up and express myself,” he said. 

A little fun fact about him is that he can’t live without accessories and jewelry—sure thing he has plenty of them in his wardrobe that accentuate how he dresses up on a daily basis. Adding a touch of elegance and angst to his outfits, his choice of accessories reflects his attention to detail and a deep connection with fashion as a form of art.

He even has his own fashion brand called “Colors Culture,” a testament to PP’s connection between personal experiences, creativity, and the pursuit of self-expression. 

Driven by his personal interest, he sought inspiration from the sea to envision the brand, crafting a unique perspective for apparel that aligned with his own style and preferences.

“It was during Covid so I couldn’t travel abroad. That’s why I traveled to the sea a lot and was inspired to make clothing that I would like to wear myself. Once I fleshed out the ideas and developed the brand, ‘Colors Culture’ was born. I was happy to put my name and identity to something I was excited to sell.”

The roots of this passion can be traced back to his childhood, where mundane circumstances sparked an enduring love for fashion. Daily trips to the mall, necessitated by post-school traffic, became a formative ritual. In those moments, PP immersed himself more in fashion, meticulously tracking trends and cultivating an early appreciation for style. This foundation has essentially become the cornerstone for everything he is involved in today.

Moreover, PP’s fashion approach is fluid and adaptable, which shows off his versatility both on and off the stage, guided by his feelings, emotions, and the character he wishes to project on a given day or for a specific event. 

Beyond the realm of clothing and design, PP’s identity as an artist finds its synergy in the interplay between music and fashion. The fusion of these two realms becomes a crucial avenue for self-expression, with fashion acting as a visual extension of his artistic identity.

A talented fashion icon in the making? PP is surely on his way to becoming one.

Towards the moonlit night

This dynamic duo is certainly on a roll and definitely on the rise, and their upcoming projects are set to further solidify their places in the entertainment industry may it be in Thailand, the Philippines, or beyond. As their careers continue to ascend, Billkin and PP are poised to shine brighter than ever.

As the sun sets over the pearl of the orient, Billkin and PP stand on the precipice of greater success, with their journey illuminated by the orange sunsets. However, we know after every sunset, there is a night sky waiting, enveloping us with its shining stars and comforting moonbeams. 

Just like the sun and moon giving ways for each other to rise, the duo takes us from the radiant sunsets of their beginnings to the mysteries and promises of the moonlit night.

But it’s not goodnight just yet; we can continue reading about Billkin and PP’s exclusive and full interview in the printed copy of Parcinq Magazine Vol. 3 Q. 4. 


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Fashion film by Ian Francisco

Interview by Mycke Arcano

Digital Feature by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Cover story by Kryzzle Cailing

Special thanks to UMG Philippines, PP Krit Entertainment, and Billkin Entertainment



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