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BTS: Behind the Scenes at Hanabishi x BT21 Picnic Party, Exclusive Launch

Say hello to the cute BT21 characters!

Selected K-pop fans gathered at the Siesta Horchata Picnic Party in Quezon City on July 6 for the Hanabishi x BT21 collaboration event. The event featured the launch of the exclusive and limited-edition Hanabishi Mini Fan, with designs representing each BT21 character.

Upon arrival, attendees registered and received a card to redeem food and participate in special prize giveaways. The venue was beautifully decorated in a picnic-style setting, with color schemes matching the BT21 mascot characters.

Before the main event, attendees were served scrumptious food, courtesy of Siesta Horchata, with each attendee receiving one free drink of their choice. The spread included a variety of snacks and refreshments that perfectly complemented the picnic theme.

The main event began with an opening program that introduced the purpose of the event: promoting the exclusive Hanabishi Mini Fan. Following an icebreaker game, three attendees were asked to introduce themselves and name their favorite BT21 character. They were then prompted to answer a simple question: “Name a relative of the BT21 cast.”

The event then proceeded with the unveiling of the product with a short speech from Mr. Gasper Ong, the CEO of Hanabishi. Following the presentation, the exclusive, limited edition Hanabishi Mini Fan was introduced, featuring a total of seven designs, each representing a different BT21 character.

Attendees were then invited to play another question-and-answer game. Participants were split into three groups and were asked BT21-related trivia questions. 

Adding to the excitement, photobooths were set up around the area, each featuring a standee of a BT21 mascot and a cute setup where attendees could take pictures with their favorite characters. Each attendee received a BINGO card, which they stamped after taking a photo at each booth. Completing the card allowed them to receive a PR package at the end of the event, which included a cute BT21-themed tote bag and a limited edition Hanabishi Mini Fan.

And what's a Korean event without Korean food? Throughout the afternoon, guests indulged in a delectable array of Korean cuisine, enhancing the cultural experience of the event. 

Nearing the end of the event, the organizers held a raffle draw, where lucky attendees could win prizes such as a personal blender, multicooker, coffee maker, and steamer, courtesy of Hanabishi. The event concluded with a group photo of the attendees and the Hanabishi team, along with a thank you message to everyone who came to support the event, in which the team hinted, "There is more to come."


Photos by Angellie Delgado

Words by Debbie Mationg



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