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CineKabalen 8.5 Cooks Up Culinary Cinema & Retrospective Section

PLATEFUL OF STORIES. Never go hungry with this special edition of CineKabalen Film Festival 8.5! Reigning from the Culinary Capital, the festival returns, spotlighting Pampanga’s one and only cultural symbol with its banner: “Here Comes Sinukwan.” Transitioning to online streaming, CineKabalen will be showcasing the best-tasting films the regions have to offer. Get your plates ready and grab your utensils as its time to eat up: CineKabalen’s about to serve one of the most diverse lineups of films a regional festival can showcase!

A gastronomic experience. Let Sinukwan become your sous-chef this April. In partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), CineKabalen’s carefully selected films can be streamed globally via FDCP’s Channel FOR FREE. What makes this even more momentous is that CineKabalen is the first regional film festival and non-FDCP festival to screen on the said channel.

Have a taste of what’s coming:

Aside from the festival’s Kapampangan Category (considered the Main Competition!), and the first-ever Central Luzon Category, CineKabalen’s Culinary Cinema highlights the rich culinary experience from all over the Philippines. The said section had been launched last year as part of NCCA’s “Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino,” or Filipino Food Month. During its time in 2019, it’s the first Culinary Cinema competition in the Philippines. It’s just fitting for CineKabalen to spearhead such feats as Kapampangans are internationally known for their cuisines: sisig, pindang, biringyi, and betute to name a few.

Still from Mis Da Ka (I Miss You) by Carlo Enciso Catu

From the mere act of cooking until the dishes are served at the dining table, the Culinary Cinema section features how good food touches the soul. A heads up: you might be *needing* to prepare your stomach for the mouthwatering recipes and distinctive kitchen practices.

“Apu” by Shane David “Bahala” by Gi V. Cavaneyro “Ing Tauling Apunan” by Raymond Nonato Anunciacion “Noontime Drama” by Kim Timan & Sam Villa-Real “Paon” by Seb Valdez “The Kiniing Project” by Llayd Asim “Tibok-Tibok” by Justine Dizon

Still from Noontime Drama by Kim Timan and Sam Villa-Real

A trip down memory lane is CineKabalen Retrospective, the exhibition of award-winning films that were once part of CineKabalen in the past editions. Witness humble beginnings as you can find plenty of familiar names too who are now established in the industry!

“5:00 Ning Gatpanapun” by Petersen Vargas

“Akalingwan Nang Rosa” by Max Canlas “Deng Dagis Qng Kusina” by Raymond Nonato Anunciacion “Mis Da Ka” by Carlo Catu “Pamagsadia” by Gabrielle Tayag “Ratat Nang Dante” by Jasper Ramon Tulabot “Talapangabus” by Justine Dizon

Take a bite of these films and more starting April 14 to April 21, 2021! Stop starving yourself from bold stories and even prettier views of the regions’ countryside. In fact, this special edition of CineKabalen lets international cinephiles and casual moviegoers to watch as well because CineKabalen can be streamed globally. Satisfy your cravings and start food-crawling and binge- watching only with CineKabalen’s tasteful roster of films!

More categories await you! For more details, feel free to like and follow CineKabalen’s official Facebook page.

Words by JP Rodriguez for CineKabalen Film Festival


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