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Drama Fires Up! Sassa Gurl, Benedix Ramos Push Kumu’s ‘Diamond Hunt’ Contestants to Their Limits

If you haven’t tuned into Kumu’s adventure-reality show “Diamond Hunt” on any of the ABS-CBN platforms, you’re missing out big time.

In just its first two episodes aired last week, drama between teams and members escalated quickly, showcasing remarkable dynamics among the 14 rising talents and streamers turned survival show contestants. A grueling double elimination took place, prompting reflection on whether to prioritize oneself or one’s team members.

Leading the charge are social media and reality show personalities Sassa Gurl and Benedix Ramos, who appear to be Karlito’s sidekicks and mediators.

Initially, one might question the chemistry between Sassa and Benedix. But after the pilot episode, they prove to be incredibly entertaining as they seamlessly balance each other’s personalities. The chemistry? Giving!

“Sinabi ko may inuman dito eh, ang bibilis!” This opening quote, uttered by the social media star, is just a glimpse into her refreshingly candid commentary. Known for her unabashed honesty and witty banter, Sassa brings her trademark humor and authenticity to the show, offering viewers a delightful mix of insight and entertainment. 

And trust us, this quote is just the beginning—as the show unfolds, she dishes out even more memorable one-liners (“Sisikumurahan ko kayo”) and hilarious observations that are sure to keep audiences laughing, while at the same time, on the edge of their seats. 

Meanwhile, Benedix is no stranger to the world of reality competitions. After clinching victory alongside fellow streamer Jordan Andrews in the Online Bahay ni Kuya campaign on Kumu, the PBB Kumunity Season 10 former housemate has cemented his reputation as an online sensation.

With his background in PBB, he brings a level of empathy and understanding to the contestants’ experiences, especially during what appears to be “harapang nominasyon” on the “Bakunawa Pit,” further enriching the dynamics of the competition.

Spoiler alert! Now, in the next two episodes airing this week, just when we thought things couldn’t get any more intense, everything soared to even greater heights. We witnessed significant shifts in team dynamics during the two challenges—“Ewww-ni-mini-miny-builders” and “Thread the Needle”—making us wonder, will “karma” come back to bite? IYKYK. 

Tune in to ABS-CBN Entertainment on YouTube and iWantTFC for new episodes every Wednesday to experience more of their chemistry and what the show has to offer. We’re eagerly awaiting the next two episodes!



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