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Dustine Mayores Turns Every Moment into the Right Time

When faced with situations where success seems far-fetched, we often deceive ourselves into thinking that everything will fall into place at the right time. It’s reassuring that we can find solace in the belief that the universe has its own plan. However, the truth lies in understanding that success is often a product of our decisions, rather than a mere consequence of cosmic timing.

There is no “right time,” only time, and what we choose to do with it. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, promising Gen Z star Dustine Mayores recognizes that the right time is when we make it so.

Brimming with hope and dedication to persevere, the Pinoy Big Brother Season 10 ex-housemate didn’t have it all easy. Before becoming the “ultimate bida reality star” he is today, he immersed himself into numerous rejections—not only in the entertainment industry but also in life.

At 21, the “Bida Pamilya Boy ng Marikina” had already experienced quite a journey, where each turn felt like a pivotal moment, requiring him to make choices at every crossroad; and these exact words defined his transformation: “Ginawa ko ang lahat para magbago.” 

In those moments of self-doubt, he faced the adversity of being a “tambay,” and wisely realized the need for a change.

“Buti na lang talaga, dumating ‘yung time na na-realize kong hindi pwede masira nang tuluyan ‘yung buhay ko kasi marami akong mga pangarap para sa sarili at sa pamilya ko,” he shares. 

These words not only capture the essence of his resilience but also mark the turning point that propelled him forward and even further. And what stands as his greatest motivation to forge through? Rejection itself.

“Kinapitan ko ‘yung mga rejection na ‘yun para mas ma-improve ‘yung sarili at craft ko. Natututo ako sa mistakes at mga pagkukulang ko,” he quips, emphasizing that life is not always easy. 

The “Ma'am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul” actor firmly believes in the concept that right timing begins when he gets everything right, and firmly adheres to the principle that “Kung hindi para sa’kin, hindi para sa’kin. Hindi ko rin minadali, kaya sa mga sumunod na pagtatangkang ginawa ko, alam kong mas naging handa na ako.”

Fueling his determination was not only the drive to overcome rejection but also the unshakeable support from his faith and his family. This made him even more prepared to face everything head-on, as he reflects, “Kung sila hindi ako sinukuan, bakit ako susuko?”

Every setback that the younger Dustine encountered—those moments of self-doubt and those times when he needed to isolate himself from the world—ultimately shaped him into both the protagonist and antagonist of his own narrative.

“Sa ngayon, dumating ang isang napakagandang plot twist na maaring makapagpabago ng buhay ko, lalo na sa acting career ko. Thankful ako sa opportunity na binigay sa akin ng ABS-CBN/Dreamscape,” the Filipino streamer says. “Sure akong hindi ito magiging madali pero gagawin ko ang lahat para maging bida sa sarili kong life story.”

As the credits roll, he’ll remind us that if there’s one common thing about all of us, it’s that we each have our own dreams to achieve, and while the process may not be easy, he emphatically asserts that we should always believe in ourselves and tells us, “paniwalaan mo ang kakayanan mo.”

The unfolding scenes of Dustine’s life show that even in the face of setbacks, there is an opportunity for a hopeful and beautiful plot twist. And the perfect time to rewrite our own stories and emerge as the lead character in the grand drama of life is now and every moment.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Styling by Edrick Paz

Grooming by Raybien Maglonzo

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonila

Special thanks to Star Magic, BDB.PH Artist and Events Management



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