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From Smooth to Stomping: Meet these 8 P-Pop Idols with Dance Moves for Days

Cover Art by Ryebread

As the P-pop scene continues to evolve and expand, a new generation of idols has emerged with dance skills that are truly exceptional. While singing and stage presence are important, it's the dancers who steal the show and leave audiences breathless.

In this feature, we're introducing you to 8 new-gen P-pop idols who are bringing their A-game to the dance floor. From graceful contemporary to explosive hip-hop, these idols are pushing the boundaries of what's possible and redefining the art of dance. So be sure to remember their names and follow their journey to dominating the P-pop world.


Nate's passion for dance started at a young age, and he's been perfecting his craft ever since. He's a versatile dancer who can slay almost any style you throw at him. From contemporary to hip-hop, Nate's got it all covered. Nate has also joined various dance competitions, such as Dance Kids and World of Dance PH, showcasing his skills to a wider audience. It's no wonder that he's gaining recognition not only from his local fans but also from casual viewers around the world. You can catch a glimpse of his jaw-dropping dance skills on his TikTok videos, and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

BINI Sheena

Sheena's hip-hop roots are evident in her powerful dance moves and commanding stage presence. Having previously auditioned for Star Hunt with her male-dominated hip-hop crew, Sheena proved that she has the talent and the drive to make it big in the P-pop industry. Check out her performance videos below and see why she's quickly gaining a reputation as one of the top dancers in the game.

KAIA Charlotte

Charlotte's got moves that can make you go "Wow!" Her experience in K-pop dance covers has given her a fresh take on P-pop dancing, and her wins in various competitions are a testament to her talent. So if you're looking for a dancer who's cool, confident, and always on-point, Charlotte is your girl.


When it comes to mastering dance choreography, JC is the real deal. He attributes his quick memorization skills to his love for K-pop and C-pop dances, which he has been exposed to since he was young. In the P-pop scene, JC's talent shines as he effortlessly executes complex routines with precision and flair. Although JC's group hasn't made their official debut yet, his dance skills already make him a standout in the local pop music scene. He is a rising star to watch out for and not miss!


Vien's leadership skills were developed as a dance team captain in high school. She draws inspiration from the iconic K-pop group BTS, and this can be seen in her energetic and dynamic routines. Keep an eye out for Vien, as she is a rising star in the P-pop scene who is sure to impress!


JL's diverse dance background, honed during his stint with his city's dance troupe, has shaped him into a dynamic and versatile performer. Whether it's contemporary, hip-hop, or ballroom, JL can effortlessly transition between styles, showcasing his impeccable skillset and adaptability on stage. Having had the opportunity to watch him perform live during their debut showcase, I can attest to his scene-stealing abilities. His performance was on point and did not disappoint, cementing his status as a rising star in the industry.


Niko's high school years in a special arts program allowed him to focus on dance and develop a passion that has translated into his P-pop career. As a skilled ex-Top Class trainee, he continues to refine his skills and captivate audiences with his performances. Have you seen their debut single "Rhythm"? I highly recommend checking it out to witness Niko's impressive dance skills firsthand.


Joshuel's expertise in b-boying sets him apart from the rest in the P-pop scene. His background as the former main dancer of Z-Boys has given him the opportunity to showcase his skills on a wider platform, demonstrating his exceptional talent to audiences around the world. While we all eagerly await their official debut, let's take a moment to appreciate Joshuel's remarkable skills and impressive track record.

Now that you've met these amazing P-pop dancers, who caught your attention the most?

Whether you're a die-hard P-pop fan or just someone who loves to appreciate great dance performances, don't forget to support these rising stars and share their talent with the world. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be saying "I knew them when they were just starting out!" Keep dancing, keep supporting, and keep spreading the love for P-pop!



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