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Halloween Glam Redefined with barenbliss's Full Bloom Matte Tints

It’s finally spooky szn BNBaes! You know what that means – it's your perfect excuse to get out of your comfort zone and embrace your main character vibe. As you get ready for your Halloween fits, why not venture your Halloween looks with barenbliss Full Bloom Matte Tints?

Lip tints aren't confined to just our lips, they can also be essential to amp up our eye makeup. Take a peek at these four Halloween looks that are sure to spark your artsy self. You can easily recreate them featuring the Full Bloom Matte Tints!

Look Inspo #1

Using the six newest shades of Full Bloom Matte Tints, Alejandro crafted this picturesque eye makeover that's just too good not to share! Don't be shy and get those shades mixed and blended to cop this look. Trust us, your eyes will thank you for the bold upgrade!

Look Inspo #2

If you're feeling princessy and in for a sweet visual for the Halloween night, recreate how Jin made her I.T.G.I.R.L. look! If you love douyin makeup then this look will be easy for you. Pick a reddish shade like ruby daisy and a rosy pink shade like a sunny rose for your lips and cheeks. Don’t forget to top off your lips with Ceramoist Glow Lip Serum for some gloss!

Look Inspo #3

Check out this eye makeup by Kendra, serving yet another snatched look. Kendra played around using just two shades of Full Bloom Matte Tints to make a fierce eye and an edgy lip look. Create a similar eye makeup by experimenting with different colors and even add sparkling charms and jewels on it if you want to be extra!

Look Inspo #4

Get this iconic baddie look! Marjan transformed herself into Jennifer from the horror movie "Jennifer’s Body." To achieve the character’s look, use Poppy Rosy for the dramatic bruise effect on the face and apply Sassy Season and a little bit of tulip fresh on the lips for the perfect mlbb lip shade.

So, this Halloween make a bold move with your look! Take a cue from our inspo list and let the Full Bloom Transparent Matte Tints be one of your beauty arsenal. After all, it’s Halloween, why be subtle when you can be hot and stunning?



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