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barenbliss Full Bloom Matte Tint Reveals 6 New 'Ber' Month Shades in Revamped Packaging

Barenbliss has always been committed to creating joyful clean beauty products that enhance your natural beauty while also keeping up with the latest K-beauty trends. The viral Full Bloom Matte Tint is no exception, and it has quickly become a BNBae fave for its long-lasting formula, stunning color range, and comfortable wear. And now, they have recently expanded their collection by introducing six brand-new shades. Alongside this exciting addition, they've also unveiled a revamped packaging design that gives a vibrant, sleek, and matte appearance, perfectly complementing the matte finish of the tints.

Perfect new shades for ‘ber’ months

Each new shade from the Full Bloom Matte Tint collection has been beautifully crafted for versatile use in various settings allowing you to effortlessly transition your makeup from a cozy date look to a holiday glam look. Whether you prefer a bold, dramatic lip or a more subtle, natural look, these are the ideal lip colors for you during the sweater weather.

From cozy peachy nudes to bold rosy tones, these shades are made to complement every skin tone and style. Here are the six newest additions to the Full Bloom Matte Tint shades:

07 Water Lily - a light peachy nude that creates a soft and understated look.

08 Jasmine Bud - a medium brown orange that's perfect for achieving that natural, sun-kissed glow even on the coldest days.

09 Tulip Flush - a preppy pinkish mauve that's perfect for creating a subtle, everyday look.

10 Cherry Blossom - a mellow chili red is timeless and can be worn year-round, but it's festive during the holiday season.

11 Sweet Marigold - a peachy brick brown that exudes sophistication and pairs well with cozy sweaters.

12 Poppy Posy - a bold rosy plum that's both elegant and bold, making it ideal for evening events.

Besides its amazing transfer-proof formula and dazzling shades, this creamy-matte tint is also loved for its lip-loving nutrients and benefits.

1. Formulated with Triple Flower Essence (Meadowfoam, Sunflower, and Chamomile Oil) which is high in antioxidants that make lips nourished, hydrated, and protected.

2. Infused with E-Hyaluron Moisture Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E that keeps lips moisturized and healthy.

3. Locked with Color Booster Technology Formulated with film formers that are designed for long-lasting, color transfer resistance, and comfort benefits.

Step into the 'ber' months with a bold statement! Grab your new favorite shades to embrace the changing seasons in style and radiate confidence everywhere you go.



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