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Hustle, Heart, and Crown: Get to Know Mister Philippines 2023 Brandon Espiritu

Hail to the heart of a hustler! Model, serial entrepreneur, and investor Brandon Espiritu has just added a new title to his arsenal—Mister Philippines 2023.

Originating from Guam, the path to the crown was no walk in the park for the Dededo native. However, driven by his hustler spirit and business acumen, Brandon proved that everything is achievable. Indeed, what seemed like an impossible dream turned into reality on October 24.

With a plethora of endeavors under his belt, he might seem intimidating and out of reach, but Brandon, at his core, is a go-getter, challenge-seeker, and adorably eccentric, just like many of us.

As an entrepreneur and model, he has clearly collaborated with several brands, particularly in the skincare industry. And it's no surprise considering his impeccably pampered and well-maintained demigod-like appearance. But before all that, his daily skincare regimen was only dishwashing soap back in college. Can you imagine?

That seemed like a cute anecdote, but now he admitted to transitioning to a normal person’s routine. At the moment, he uses a simple face cleanser, an SPF stick during the day, and tinted moisturizers paired with Camou products. Camou is a men’s skincare line that his team just launched this year. Additionally, Brandon's chiseled physique is a testament to his dedication in his daily workouts. Indeed, there's no shortage of his grit and hard work, making him even more admirable.

Brandon may be maximalist in his endeavors, but when it comes to his personal style and possessions, he likes to keep them minimalist. Brandon cherishes things close to his heart, ensuring he buys only what he genuinely loves, especially clothing. He considers his YSL boots circa 2013 Tom Ford era and custom Francis Libiran suit as his all-time favorites from his wardrobe.

When asked about his superpower choice, Brandon picked teleportation. With that ability, he could easily jet off to his favorite travel destinations, Tokyo and Siargao, for a delightful vacation. Stay on the lookout; he might be hanging around.

But here's a fun fact: he's a professional shower singer and a belly-dancing expert. Plus, he can chug a beer faster than anyone else on the planet. Who's up for the challenge? If I were you, I wouldn't dare challenge him. Save your energy, because Brandon lives by the motto “1% better tomorrow.”

Forget his usual titles, as all these come and go. For Brandon, he simply wants to be remembered as someone who strives to improve every day. In the future, he might not be the model, entrepreneur, investor, or pageant winner he is today. But he'll always be a better version of himself.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Grooming by Nadynne Esguerra

Words by Kryzzle Nova Cailing



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