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'I Promised You the Moon': The ITSAY Sequel Every BL Fan is Waiting For!

Photo Courtesy of Nadao Bangkok

Back in 2020, a drama titled “I Told Sunset About You” was released in October. Who would have thought that this Thai Boys Love drama will become the next golden sensation that would shake all the following BL dramas to come? Now adorned with prestigious awards and recognitions, I Told Sunset About You is set to release its sequel this May 27th. What is this Thai Drama, what is it about, and why is it something worth watching? Read on and discover everything you need to know!

What is I Told Sunset About You?

I Told Sunset About You (ITSAY) is a five-episode Thai boys love (BL) series that came out in October 2020. ITSAY was originally slated for release in 2019, but after the first outbreak of COVID-19, it was released to a later date. Despite it being delayed, that didn’t stop its release from making the world of Boys Love shake from its beautiful cinematography and storytelling.

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This drama is a coming-of-age story of two boys, Teh and Oh-aew, who were best of friends as kids. However, the two broke apart after a disagreement. It wasn't until years later that they found themselves in a Chinese language class when they were preparing to go to university! Unexpectedly, this encounter brought a discovery into deep and confusing feelings that they had yet to understand.

Packed with a mixture of Thai and Chinese culture, ITSAY breaks the Boys Love drama standard and raised the bar too high! One mustn’t see this drama as just a cliché Boys Love, but instead, a breathtaking masterpiece of life lessons, sexual awakening, and genuine self-exploration.

Awards and Achievements

Following the airing of ITSAY, the drama was hailed for its superb cinematography, the impeccable portrayal of the characters, and perfectly suitable original soundtracks (OST). The series itself won the “Most Popular Series Award,” “Asian BL Series of the Year 2020”, and the OST Skyline, sung by Billkin, who played Teh, won the “Most Popular soundtrack of the Year” at the Siamrath Online Awards 2020.

It went above and beyond, even capturing the hearts of the netizens on Weibo. The drama won “Most Popular Overseas Drama” in the 2020 Weibo TV Series Awards. The two main actors, Billkin Putthiphon for Teh and PP Kritt for Oh-aew, also won “Most Popular Overseas Actor” with PPKrit getting number 1 and Billkin for number 2.

I Promised You the Moon

At the end of ITSAY's season finale, the legendary drama teased its viewers with a sneak peek at its sequel. It was originally scheduled to be released earlier in 2021, but it was once again delayed due to the pandemic. After hurdling months of waiting, 'I Promised You the Moon' is officially scheduled for airing on May 27th, 2021. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Teh and Oh-aew once again!

The second part is a continuation of the first season. It showcases the lives of Teh and Oh-aew, who are both now in college. However, instead of being labeled as friends, they now officially regard themselves as lovers. But the series now has a new director named Tossaphon Riantong. Although the news was worrying, ITSAY fans have faith that they will bring about another sensational series. Since part one was so amazing, the expectations are high!

With every passing day, we grow closer to its release date. Can you feel the excitement building up? I certainly can! You still haven't watched season one? Well, now’s your chance! Give yourself a good cry, fall in love with the characters and see just why everyone loves ITSAY so much.


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02 juin 2021

Just watched the season 1🥰🥰🥰


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Neil Caskey Lertsittichai
21 avr. 2021



Rochie Cayetano Pordelliza
Rochie Cayetano Pordelliza
20 avr. 2021

Love this article! 😍😍 And can't wait for May 27 😍😍


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Julie Ann Abideo
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