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iKON Wraps Up 2024 Tour in Manila with Heartfelt Farewell

“You are my solace and my rest.” These were the exact words on the originally composed and arranged fan project song of Filipino iKONics to the K-pop group iKON as they staged their “2024 iKON Limited Tour–Get Back in Manila” on April 7, Sunday, at Araneta Coliseum.

The concert was a testament to the deep connection between iKON and their fans, with a specially composed song echoing sentiments of gratitude and love. 

Despite the absence of iKON's leader, Jay, who is fulfilling his military service, the remaining members—Song, Bobby, DK, Ju-ne, and Chan—promised unwavering support for their devoted followers, vowing that “iKON will always be with iKONics.”

The “Limited Tour” served as a gift of the “Love Scenario” artists to fans, offering one last opportunity to witness the group’s electrifying and hard-hitting performances before rumored enlistments later in the year. With only select cities on the tour itinerary, the Manila stop held particular significance for both iKON and their Filipino fans.

While iKON is renowned for their powerful stage presence, it was the fervent energy of their Filipino iKONics that truly illuminated the night and made it last forever. Fans passionately sang along to every song like there was no tomorrow, creating an atmosphere of genuine love and passion for the group.

The concert featured an array of iKON’s greatest hits, including the QUEEN “Love Scenario,” “RUM PUM PUM,” and “Rhythm Ta,” among others. Additionally, individual members also showcased their talents with solo performances. DK performed “LTNS” and “Groovin,” Ju-ne presented “Want You Back,” and Song delivered “It’s Call.”

The K-pop hitmakers made a prior appearance in Manila on August 5, 2023, as a part of their 2023 TAKE OFF World Tour. Jay was also absent from this show as he commenced his military service just a few days earlier, on July 20, 2023.

Expressing their gratitude, iKON conveyed their appreciation for the biggest support of their Filipino fans, concluding their tour in Manila. As the final notes faded away, it marked not just the end of a memorable concert but also a heartfelt farewell until the next chapter in iKON’s journey.



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