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KAIA Chronicles Personal Journey to Stardom on “You Did It” Music Video

KAIA has officially released the music video of their new single “You Did It.”

Helmed by Raymond “Pabi” Fabian and Francis “Kiko” Magundayao, the visuals mark the five-member group’s transformation from the debut years to their more confident and refined phase. It also features the origin story of the dragonfly, a metaphorical symbol of their journey as a Filipino girl group trying to make it in the competitive music industry landscape.

As the MV puts it, KAIA, with their wings spread, is now on a journey to explore greater distances. The P-Pop group reveals that they’re also more involved in the concept of the music video, even going as far as embracing darker themes and injecting ideas inspired by their personal experiences.  

“We really like being involved because it helps us interpret our songs better and perform with more passion,” shares the Dalawa act in a press statement. “We made sure that everything, from outfits to the set design and even our facial expressions, aligned with the music's theme. The goal was really to elevate the message of the song through visuals, so we put in extra effort for this MV.”

KAIA also credited their two MV directors, “Pabi” and “Kiko,” for bringing immense creativity to the project and being highly collaborative with the visual storytelling.

The acclaimed pop act explains, “They were able to translate what we envisioned, making the whole process smooth and enjoyable. Their direction made us feel comfortable and confident on the set. Because of this experience, we were able to focus on our performances while they take care of the bigger picture. Overall, it was a collaborative effort that we are very proud of.”

“You Did It” is a dance-pop track that brims with Persian-style instrumentation and modern pop sensibilities. The song was produced by Oh-won Lee, Michael James Down, Will Taylor, and Primoz Poglajen, with lyrics by Jonell "J.O" Sarmiento, a former Z2Z member. KAIA also contributed to the overall concept and narrative of the track.

Through this song, KAIA aspires to be the voice or instrument of people who can't speak up and who don't have the courage to stand up for themselves. “So that when they listen to the song, they'll feel more confident and empowered,” adds the feisty five-piece collective.



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