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Keiko Necesario Draws Inspiration from Personal Married Life for New Song 'Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari'

In the 2018 film “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi,” now streaming on Netflix, the official soundtracks caught your attention. Among its gems is “Di Bale Na,” a song resonating with themes of hope, love, and passion. Its lyrics struck a chord, finding a permanent spot on your playlist, especially given the film’s bittersweet yet hopeful ending. 

Fast forward to this year, and the “Di Bale Na” singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario reemerges with a new release, “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” after her hiatus in the music scene. This rock alternative single pays homage to Keiko’s high school days, reminiscent of early 2000s OPM bands like Cueshé, Hale, and Kitchie Nadal. 

Yet, beyond its music, “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” encapsulates Keiko’s personal journey through marriage with her husband, singer Jem Cubil. 

In an exclusive conversation with Parcinq, Keiko shares the origins of the song. Born out of the couple’s challenging financial situation, with only 700 pesos in their bank account at one point, “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” embodies resilience and determination. She recalls how the phrase served as a lyrical anchor during their tough times, eventually evolving into a powerful anthem of perseverance, dreams, and hope. 

“This is the song that I wrote out of the experience of just being married,” she exclusively shares. “We went through a tough season where we ended up only having 700 pesos in our bank account. Super anxious kami, super worried kami, even like to eat in the next coming weeks.” She went further into how they triumphed over this, how her work came through again, and declared, “God really sustained us.”

Reflecting on the song’s significance, Keiko emphasizes its message of resilience. Despite drawing from her own experiences, she hopes listeners find their own connections, promising to persist through uncertainties.

“Kahit na sinulat ko sya about my experiences, it reminds me of my journey as a musician. Kahit ano pa mangyari, it’s more like I’m gonna keep doing my best," the “Planeta” songstress expresses on the message of the song. “That's the beauty of art in general—it’s so subjective and we relate in different ways. I want my listeners to promise kung sino man gusto nila pagpromisesan, kahit sarili nila, na you’re gonna stay and just keep going.”

True to the spirit of her music, Keiko reveals a personal aspiration—far from the dreams of her youth. Instead of chasing accolades, like her childhood dreams of a Grammy award or becoming the first Filipino act to do this and that, she aims to craft songs that resonate deeply. 

This time, her dream as a musician becomes a little kinder and a little more encouraging: “To create songs and release songs that people would want to keep listening to because they relate to it, and not just because they heard from the playlist and not come back anymore.” 

To learn more about Keiko’s life as she returns to the spotlight, she candidly answers questions about her life and music.

Q. For those who have just discovered your music, what song do you recommend they start listening to?

Keiko: “Ang ganda naman ng questions mo Hans ha (laughs). I think I would recommend them to listen to the music from my first album to the current music (Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari). Not just one song, kasi I feel like they’ll also get an idea of who I am as an artist and not just that, I have songs that are for different seasons of different people.”

Q. Artists you would like to collaborate with

Keiko: “Ever since, I’ve loved listening to other artists like kung pwede ko maka-collaborate ko lahat. Wala lang, parang ang saya lang na you’re doing it for fun also, not just for likes or anything. But I think, sana matuloy na, kasi before dapat magkaroon kami ng collaboration with Tito Gary (Gary Valenciano) kaso nga nagkaroon ng mga konting problema because I already left also sa former label ko. Ang dami pa eh, si Regine Velasquez, ang daming magagaling na artist ngayon, actually kahit mga kasabayan ko sina Reese Lansangan, Clara Benin, Janine Tenoso, ang dami talaga.”

Q. Message to your younger self who was just starting in the industry

Keiko: “Recently since itong kanta ko na bago diba, para siyang paying tribute to the old Keiko so I think it would be just, really value what you do and value the people around you. I think it’s very important also, you know the talent will always be there, but I think it’s very important to value your integrity as an artist and the people you’re working with. There’s this quote na nakita ko recently that I resonated with, it says ‘Your purpose is not the thing you do. It is the thing that happens in others when you do what you do.’”

Q. Any message to your listeners?

Keiko: “I just want to say thank you to every single one of you and even yung mga sumusuporta before. I know sometimes diba we outgrow music, we outgrow artists, but I really do thank everyone na naka-relate sa music ko before and somehow mga naging part ng career ko talaga. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for loving my music. And I hope and pray it changed you in some way and changed your life for the better.”



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