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Kumu x Parcinq Runners-up Jethro Desucatan, Faith Acunin and Prince Make Streaming More Fun and Meaningful

Jethro Desucatan

Finding something that we both enjoy and cherish is almost a luxury. It seems that with the ever-expanding array of options and the fast-paced nature of life, looking for genuine moments of connection can be rare. 

Yet, when Jethro Desucatan (@iloveyoujethro) stumbles upon those precious moments with the help of Kumu this year, it’s like uncovering a hidden treasure, as he describes it as “a platform to thrive and enjoy.” 

True enough, it’s because of Kumu when he found friends along the way and established a special connection with people he never thought would come. It’s also because of live streaming that he opened up a business, which he remarks as a “fulfillment.” 

But along with this fulfillment as a content creator comes the challenge of balancing his time between streaming and managing a business. Despite these, he’s been doing well in the first quarter, leading up to being featured in his first Parcinq Magazine shoot, where he expresses, “Since it’s my first-ever Parcinq Magazine shoot, I guess it’s the people I was able to work with during the shoot whom I just got acquainted with for the very first time.” 

This experience highlights his growing success and also emphasizes the power of Kumu in expanding his network and creating new opportunities for personal and professional growth. From here onwards, Jethro has nowhere to go but up.


Jeffrey Hernandez, also known as Prince (@prince), doesn’t just log onto Kumu and call it a day; he’s driven by a mission that has grown over time: to bring happiness to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) suffering from homesickness.

“I am grateful that my streams become their source of happiness,” he shares. 

Prince is no stranger to Parcinq. Since 2023, he has been gracing magazine photoshoots and attending gala nights that recognize his emerging presence as a content creator. And it’s this gratitude that fuels his determination. Having experienced the joy of past issues, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a third time.

“2024 has been very fulfilling and memorable, and I am always excited for what the rest of the year has in store for me,” he states. As he continues to make his mark in the streaming industry, it’s evident that Prince is primed for even greater achievements and experiences in the months ahead.

From shoots for magazines, billboards, TV shows, and music videos to live hosting, he gets to enjoy it all and experience everything because of Kumu. And this year, he’s excited to see what opportunities the blue streaming platform will bring him in 2024.

“Really just grateful to my Kumu family for always understanding me and for always supporting me in everything that I do; for never leaving and for making me realize that they are always just there waiting for me,” he concludes.

Faith Acunin 

Growth and exploration are the guiding forces for Faith Acunin (@faithacunin) as she reflects on the first quarter of the year and anticipates the months ahead.

In 2024, Faith has already achieved milestones, including winning the Kumu x Parcinq campaign. However, beyond accolades, her passion for learning has allowed her to delve into the diverse beauty of the Philippines’ culture, history, and natural wonders.

“I’ve had the opportunity to gather insights on topics ranging from popular tourist destinations to hidden gems and local traditions,” she shares. “It’s been a fascinating journey, and I'm excited to continue exploring.”

Part of her ongoing exploration includes participating in this quarter’s campaign, driven by a multifaceted aspiration to amplify her content and brand visibility while fostering connections with fellow creators and industry experts.

“I am eager to learn more about the PARCINQ platform and how it can help me grow my audience and reach new heights as a content creator,” she adds. “Ultimately, I hope to find fulfillment and satisfaction in contributing to a campaign that celebrates the diversity and creativity of the human experience.”

Reflecting on her recent Parcinq shoot, Faith recalls the camaraderie and creativity shared with co-winners Jethro and Prince. Behind the scenes, their synergy and efficiency left a lasting impression, solidifying her sense of belonging and igniting her enthusiasm for future collaborations.

“They were all so talented and worked so fast and productively,” she recalls with a smile. “Their creativity and attention to detail truly made me feel like a superstar.”


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling and Set Design by Dave Arden

Makeup by Nadynne Esguerra and Jhai Castillo

Hair by Vilma Legaspi

Fashion Film by Ian Francisco and Adrian Alegre

Produced in partnership with Kumu



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