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Look: Singer-Songwriter Adie Is Newest H&M’s Music X Me Ambassador

H&M continues to build the hype on their recently launched MUSIC X ME: a platform that celebrates local artists’ style in both music and fashion as a means of inspiring young audiences to express themselves too, in their own ways. Debuting with the PPop boyband BGYO, following strong with all-around creative UNIQUE, their spotlight now shines on singer and songwriter Adie Garcia, also known by his artist name ADIE.

Starting out as a promising cover artist on YouTube, this 21-year-old’s claim to fame turned out to be with his original composition Paraluman, which instantaneously shot him up the local music charts. Released just last year, the track already has over 65 million plays and has since paved the way for ADIE to make a mark in the music industry with more of his self-written works.

And if you know the story behind this most famous track, then you’re no stranger to the fact that ADIE’s music is deeply inspired by his own feelings and experiences. The way he puts it, what started out as swooning over a celebrity crush turned into the start of this viral single overnight. Moreover, Paraluman is just one of his many originals that prove the distinctness of his music comes from how raw and real it is from writing to performance.

Beyond his music, if it’s not already evident through his guest appearances, gigs, and recordings, ADIE is overall a pretty laidback guy. We see this in more photos from H&M as he sports cozy hoodies, button-up shirts, and oversized graphics tees with prints that are a playful take on some of everyone’s favorite characters. No props, no over-the-top set designs–just ADIE either relaxed or in his element with his guitar. It’s a take on streetwear as warm and easygoing as his modern take on romantic ballads.

Follow ADIE’s musical journey through H&M’s MUSIC X ME on H&M Philippines Facebook and Twitter accts, and discover other new artists on Spotify here.



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