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Meet Your Next Sunscreen and Skin Care Staple from Lilla Beauty

In the Philippines where the sun reigns supreme, the need for skin protection from the scorching rays isn’t just a matter of comfort but a necessity in every Filipino’s skincare. Lilla Beauty launches the Lilla Hydracalm Natural Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++

A new sunscreen on the market with an all-in-one formula combining the nourishing benefits of plant extracts with advanced moisture complexes, delivering double the benefits in a single product. 

A suncare where beauty and self-care intertwines require carefully selected ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of antioxidants and offer optimal skincare benefits. Lilla Hydracalm Natural Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ is a hybrid sunscreen that harnesses the advantages of both physical and chemical sunscreens. Its standout feature lies in its capacity to create a protective shield against sunburn while also incorporating skin-nourishing ingredients. 

Lilla Beauty carefully crafted a skin nourishing product with a formula that features antioxidants, protection, and skin-repairing benefits, including hydrating components like squalene, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to deliver hydration and restore moisture. 

As a brand dedicated to radiant beauty, Lilla also integrated beneficial skincare ingredients such as plant extracts like (Camellia Japonica) Tsubaki and (Centella Asiatica) Cica, known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. These carefully selected ingredients enhance the effectiveness of the sunscreen with antioxidants and offer superior skincare benefits. It is suitable for adults with sensitivity to chemical sunscreens and is safe for use by children and pregnant individuals.

Lilla sunscreen integrates skincare benefits with daily sun protection, offering a formula free of white cast. It boasts a non-greasy, lightweight texture suitable for all skin types and is safe for children and pregnant individuals. It is cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable, and free from ingredients harmful to coral reefs and marine life.

Launching this March 2024, Lilla Hydracalm Natural Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ provides your skin with essential protection from the sun, priced at 749. Get the skincare your skin deserves, now available on Shopee (@Lillabeautyph) or order directly on Lilla’s Instagram and Facebook.

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