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Parcinq x Tugatog Bags Merit Award From The Philippine Quill

Magkita-kita raw tayo sa tuktok? Well, the Parcinq x Tugatog issue is already at the top again, but this time, with recognition.

In June 2022, numerous P-pop fans and groups gathered to celebrate a night of Filipino talent and excellence at the Mall of Asia Arena. With various editions of Parcinq magazines and show-stopping live performances powered by Ant Savvy Creatives & Entertainment Inc., it unquestionably became a night etched in memory, continuing to resonate to this day.

Recently, the Parcinq x Tugatog venture earned a merit award for Division 4 Communication Skills from The Philippine Quill—the only awards program in the country that honors the dedication, innovation, and passion of communicators using a global standard.

Reflecting on the win, the Parcinq x Tugatog team expressed their elation, describing the experience as being “over the moon.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Ruth Matias, the Chief Executive Officer of Ant Savvy, shared insights into the significance of the award, saying, “We never really intended to join any kind of awards, but when we realized that what we collaborated on together actually had a fighting chance, we went ahead and did it.”

She emphasized the core objective of the collaboration with Parcinq, stating, “We aimed to produce a unique and one-of-a-kind issue to allow the artists and their fans to get to know each other better and for the fans to have a keepsake of not just Tugatog but the amazing artists we featured during the festival.”

The aim was undoubtedly achieved and acknowledged, having been evaluated by the awarding body according to the project’s work plan, strategic alignment, and creativity. 

“We’re always on the lookout for another opportunity to collaborate! Parcinq is definitely one of our favorite magazines for its bold yet relatable concepts, and the team is a pleasure to work with.”

The success even propels P-pop to the top, and opens for more exciting opportunities in the future. 



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