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#ParcinqFashion: Diko x Aram

From trash to treasure!

In this month's #ParcinqFashion, we spotlight the dynamic duo of Diko and Aram, whose bond has only strengthened since their college days. Amid their inseparability, they each carve unique paths – Diko in visual arts and Aram in the realm of fashion.

Their latest endeavor reveals a seamless blend of creativity, sustainability, and innovation. Together, they infuse new life into surplus materials and forgotten garments through the art of upcycling, repurposing, and reimagining.

Their collaborative works not only redefine fashion but also advocate for conscious consumption and environmental stewardship. Through their creations, they champion the essence of mindful living and responsible design.

Discover their stylish creations at the Human Weekend Market, running from April 19 to 21.



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