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#PARCINQFresh Featuring BRH Project 

Ever wondered what you look like in your dream yearbook photoshoot? Sure, you’ve probably tried the trending AI yearbook edits last year. But let’s face it—it just didn’t feel real. 

We’re dreaming no more as the BRH project elevates our digital swagger to a new level of creativity, authenticity, and fun in 2024. 

As a full-service social media house production, BRH aims to let you experience a premium photoshoot without going out of the country or without paying too much. Brimming with the Gen Z vibe, the team is heavily anchored on Asian trends—Korean aesthetics and Douyin—name it.

Their first concept studio is inspired by the AI yearbook theme to be launched in February, and it will be open to everyone who wants to have their own imaginations come to life.

Meet your classmates!

Starting the new year with a very fresh start, BRH hopes to establish its own creative team, fostering artists’ growth, content creation, and collaborations. 

At the forefront of this venture is Angelic Jang, serving as the founder and creative director. Her passion for the arts beckons her back to the creative industry, where she finds her place alongside her co-founder and equally passionate collaborator, Chen Xing.

“The BRH Project really inspires me to do more in life and I’m really happy now that a lot of people appreciate what we’re doing. This is just the start and we will promise to work harder and give you guys more wonderful content. Please support us!”

Chen and Angelic

But the studio won’t be able to operate without the head photographer. And his name might ring a bell, especially if you are an active P-pop fan or if you checked out “HYV” last year. He’s Jules Espena, and it has been his dream to embark on this project.

“Recently, I have also ventured into the world of P-pop and will be a part of an upcoming group set to debut soon,” he shares. “Being in the creative scene and an artist at the same time makes me come up with more intricate and challenging concepts that I would like to try for myself.”

As BRH comes to life, armed with their burning love for the arts and content creation, they aspire to be the home for all creatives. They firmly believe that when they dream together, their teamwork will soon make their dream work.

BRH Team

Photographer: Ike Louie Natividad @ikelouienatividad

Light director: Ben bigs @benbigs

BRH Main face: Laisa De Ocampo @l.sha24

BRH Face: Claire Sampiano @___c.98

BRH Manager: Danilyn Galleno @xxxdanidani

Social media graphic designer: Ericka Romero @nousagi.n

As of now BRH project is a home studio, located at Acqua Private Residences, Mandaluyong City.

Follow them on their socials:

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