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#PARCINQFRESH featuring VXON Franz

We always root for the underdog. The one who takes risks and makes it happen. The one who refuses to let anyone stop him and does everything just to make his dreams come true. VXON's Main Vocalist, Franz, is the epitome of what anyone could be with enough work, patience, and talent. Starting at a young age as a competitor on The Voice Kids Season 1, it didn't take long for him to pursue his dream of becoming a true-blue performer. After successfully becoming a member of the newest P-pop boy group VXON, he's poised to be the next big name in the music industry.

But being Franz is not only about his powerful singing. He also contributes to VXON’s progress through his artsy, creative ideas that make the group stand out on the P-pop stage, one beautiful performance at a time.

From his personality to the things he likes to do on a date night, to the first thing he bought with his first paycheck, let Franz tell you all about himself (with some help from PARCINQ!)

Enjoy reading! 💋

Describe yourself

Very artsy po ako and creative. When it comes to art, madami po akong naiisip na ideas. Yung pagiging artsy ko po pwede po syang makatulong sa group like sa pag coconceptualize po and pati din po sa music. [ I am very artsy and creative. I have a lot of ideas when it comes to art. I think my artsy nature can help the group to co-conceptualize and produce music.]

Is there a book you are currently reading or a quote that inspired you recently?

So meron po akong nabasang quote na tumatak po sakin, which is yung: Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there. Before po kase marami po akong doubts sa sarili ko po and I dont always believe in myself and may mga bagay akong hindi kayang gawin. Since nung nabasa ko yun, nakatulong po sya sakin to reach more — magawa yung ibang mga bagay na hindi ko pa nagagawa. [ I read this quote that I found inspiring: "Believe in yourself and you're halfway there." Before, I doubted myself and didn't always believe in what I could do. But since this quote, it has helped me to reach goals I hadn't yet accomplished. ]

If we go on a date, what is your idea of a perfect evening?

Siguro po for me, nasa overlooking view and nakikita po yung nightlights from afar tapos kumakain po ng kahit anong mga favorite kong foods. [ Maybe for me, the perfect evening date is eating my favorite foods and getting an overlooking view of the nightlights from afar. ]

How do you reward yourself when you succeed at something?

First of all, pag may naachieve po ako naiisip ko po deserve ko pong mag pahinga. I make sure that I get the right amount of rest and nirereward ko rin po yung sarili ko ng things na gusto ko rin pong bilhin like clothes and mga collections po. [ First of all, when I achieve things, the first thing I think is that I deserve a break. I make sure I get the right amount of rest and reward myself for my hard work with things that I want to buy. For instance, I might buy clothes and collections. ]

What did you buy with your first paycheck?

Ang una ko pong binili is yung groceries po ng members [VXON] po namin. (laughs)

[ The first purchase I made with my first paycheck was for the groceries of VXON members.]

What are you currently working on?

Currently, nag aayos po kami ng song for the next release and ngayon po in the works po sya so kailangan po syang abangan ng mga Vixies and mga supporters po namin. [ Currently, we are preparing our song for release. We are nearing the final stages of production and it is coming out soon! Our Vixies and supporters should stay tuned for this next release. ]


PRODUCER Philip Vargas


WORDS Nikki Viola



VIDEOGRAPHY Pogs Francisco

STYLING Myrrh Lao To


MAKEUP Mac Igarta


NAILS Lourdes of Katch Beauty Lounge

SPECIAL THANKS TO Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

Erickson Raymundo (President/Managing Director), Jeffrey Vadillo (Vice President)

CS MUSIC LABEL HEAD Caress Caballero

HANDLER Cristine Calawod

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Rie Balbero
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