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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring Rabin Angeles

For avid K-drama fans, the fantasy unfolds in a perfect narrative where emotions run as deep as the Han River, plot twists are as unpredictable as the weather in Goblin’s alternate universe, and their leading men are as dashing as Song Kang’s character in “My Demon.”

These stars have not just set the standards; they’ve turned stanning into a full-time occupation. But look no further; the “K-pop-idol-looking” guy from Angeles City, as he jokingly introduces himself, is ready to grace the screens with his acting prowess in more ways than one. Introducing Rabin Angeles!

His name might ring a bell for some, as he portrayed the role of “Justin,” in the Filipino boys’ love series “The Day I Loved You,” which he said was one of the defining moments of his career.

“2023 for me was a stepping stone to my career,” the young actor expresses. “I started doing workshops to improve my skills and fortunately I was given a chance to do a series and a movie.”

Recognizing the industry’s challenges, he stresses the importance of proving himself that he is worth watching. Surprising even himself, he reflects on the unexpected leap onto the big screen after his first movie, prompting a personal commitment to strive to become a big star someday.

His journey into the world of acting isn’t just a leap into fame; it’s a commitment to mastering the art of storytelling. Rabin doesn’t merely act; he becomes the characters he portrays as it is the very piece of advice he receives from the actors he has worked with. 

When asked about what sets him apart from others, he candidly shares that, aside from his perseverance for the craft, it’s his Korean looks: “Mayabang ako (laughs). Koreans are trending nowadays, and for a Filipino to look like a Korean, I believe it makes me stand out.”

Where’s the lie in that? Equipped with his charismatic looks, charming personality, and natural talent in acting, it’s only a matter of time for Rabin to have his own K-drama moment. 

Q. Congratulations on being a part of “Penduko.” What has it been like working with this project? 

Rabin: “Thank you. I am grateful to be a part of Penduko, it was not easy doing my role because my co-actors, Mr. Albert Martinez, most especially, is a veteran actor and he has a name in the industry already. My role is a mangkukulam, it’s a minor role, but this will be my motivation to do better with my upcoming projects.”

Q. Out of all the co-stars you've worked with, who would you say is your favorite?

Rabin: “My favorite co-star was Gerald Napoles. He is a “Kuya material,” and he will guide and teach you tips and tricks in acting.”

Q. What's the best advice you have ever received about acting?

Rabin: “Believe, Become, and Being.”

Q. What do you find most rewarding about acting?

Rabin: “Meeting other people. Being called an actor not just by looks and popularity but by skills.”

Q. What kind of message would you like to send to your fans, especially those who have supported you throughout your career?

Rabin: “To my fans and followers, especially Rabin House, thanks for all the support you have been giving me! Mas gagalingan ko pa promise!”


Photography by John Llamas

Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Styling by Edrick Paz, Dani Familara

Hair and Make Up by Mycke Arcano

Special thanks to Viva Artists, The Purple Work, and Top Tea

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Shot at Studio LAJ

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