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Slate Medical Group Puts a Premium on #InclusiBEAUTY

Diversity in beauty is one opportunity for Slate Medical Group to explore and provide inclusivity to those who are unfortunately often neglected and marginalized in the industry.

Slate launches the local Drag Queens, who currently are dominating the scene. #InclusiBEAUTY is all about celebrating that beauty comes in many different forms, beyond race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and skin tone. All of these groups make up the beauty customer base and Slate believes they should all be represented!

Thus, men and women with darker skin tones are all welcome to experience what Slate Medical Group can offer.

"Inclusivity means acceptance is a premium at Slate Medical Group. Our goal is to work toward our clientele's individuality. After all, beauty is for all. No one should feel that they are not beautiful because of missed opportunities.

"Start the decision to feel and act beautifully with us," Dr. Maika Slatensek of Slate Medical Group extended the invitation.



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