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SOTY? BINI’s Back With a Bubblegum Bop, Lagi

Photos Courtesy of ABSCBN and STAR MUSIC

If you think Na Na Na or Kinikilig is your favorite BINI song, then it’s time for you to recalibrate because the nation’s girl group is back with another full-Filipino bubblegum track.

Completing the so-called holy trinity, ‘Lagi’ slays straight to the top of the iTunes PH chart, Spotify’s P-pop On the Rise playlist, RADAR Philippines, and New Music Friday.

What seems to be part of the ‘BINI first love trilogy,’ Lagi showcases the euphoric feeling of falling in love in a vibrant MV produced by YouMeUs MNL. I just couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping visuals throughout the video and, of course, the song (himlay).

The bubblegum pop vibe gets reinforcement from the MV that has colorful and dreamy tones. It opens with BINI meeting a mystery classmate - the BINI bear - during an online class. Like their previous MVs, they magically transported, this time into a dessert-themed set.

Each member looks PRETTY in pink! Starting off the song with her angelic vocals is Aiah. It’s just right that she sits on that colorful throne because she’s a queen herself - literally her name and her being a BINI. It then cuts in with our bunso, Sheena looking cute with those low pigtail buns. For the first verse, BINI describes that familiar feeling of high school love everyone can relate.

I couldn’t ask for a better first pre-chorus when Gwen’s soft voice and *coughs* on-point facial expressions always kill me whenever I stream the MV. What more when they kicked off the chorus with beautiful harmonization while swaying their bodies to the addicting beat of the song.

The group dances as Maloi proves her spot as the main vocalist. And oh, did you see that point dance? That’s a Tiktok-worthy dance challenge!

After the chorus, it then transitions to the back-to-back visuals of Stacey and Mikha. That hair flip is everything! Knowing that these two are rappers, their singing voices bring new flavors to the song. After all, they’re all all-rounders.

We then now move to Jhoanna’s POWERFUL vocals on the second pre-chorus. Needless to say, one of the best voices in P-pop. Displaying the aesthetics of the set (I’M OBSESSED), Colet also lets her vocals fly to the chorus as the other members dance to the rhythm.

Down to the flawlessly delivered bridge, the vocal line seals the game for Lagi to be in the line-up, if there’s one, of P-pop’s SOTY 2022.

Throughout the MV, BINI’s shown projecting their affection towards the BINI bear, who happens to be the recently introduced Parcinq Fresh, Brian Santamaria.

At the end of the video, the queens are delivered back to reality. If there’s one reality that they need to face head-on, it’s about them lagi nang umaawit, as they’re now on their way to becoming a household name. Yes, I'm claiming that!

Stream the official music video of Lagi here:



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