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The Dos of Mature Stanning

4 things you need to remember to love your idols responsibly

So, now you love them and are willing to lay your life for them, what's next? Honestly, there are a ton of ways you can go about now that you know the love/s of your life, but before you go and check those Instagram profiles (Yes, I see you!), here are some tips to help you responsibly stan your idols for a more peaceful and enjoyable fandom stay.

Treat them as human beings

The first rule is: "Never forget that they are human beings." As famous artists, it is sometimes easy for fans to lose sight of these idols' humanity, which shouldn't be the case. As much as we look up to their near-perfectness, these people are human beings entitled to their privacy and happiness and are also accountable for their mistakes. As fans, it is your job to support them on every decision that makes them happy and call them out on their wrong-doings, even though, sometimes, these circumstances sadden us.

Stalk with reservation

I know how easy it is to just throw all caution in the wind and just stalk your idols. I also know how easier it is to get sucked in the rabbit hole that is stalking, but please remember to follow their social media activities with reservation before you go all out. There are some things that these artists want to keep private for whatever reason--let them keep it.

Respect their privacy

Connected to the abovementioned "stalk with reservation" is, of course, respecting their privacy. These idols do not owe us their entire lives, and they are entitled to privacy, especially on things like family and relationships. Sharing teas is a fool-proof bonding experience for fans, but always, always be cautious when sharing stories about them, especially if some of the information included in these stories is already too personal.

Give them space to grow.

As artists and, really, as human beings in general, your idols will want growth at some point. As much as you enjoy what they're currently doing, they would want to do new things in the future that may or may not be related to what you love about them or may or may not please you. When this happens, continue supporting them and avoid bad-mouthing them if you do not agree with their new paths. Remember, you do not own them, and they are entitled to do whatever they want to do with their lives as long as it is not wrong or illegal.

Now that you've read these four tips, go ahead and follow them on their social media accounts and let us know below what your favorite photos are of them!


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