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The Rise of Comfortable But Stylish Pieces in 2021

The year 2020 has changed the way people view things, including fashion. With people spending most of their time at home, wearing comfortable, stylish pieces have been the go-to.

As 2021 comes in and the mandate to remain home remains, here are some of the 2021 fashion trends that you can try at home or when you go out to get your much-needed home supplies.


Nothing spells comfort more than loungewear. Working at home? Check. Cleaning your house? Check. Playing with your pet? Check. Rolling around your bed as you take a break from the world? Double-check.

Loungewear brands have been elevating their game and producing different types of fashionable home clothes--tank and shorts, sweats, tracksuits, leggings, jumpsuits, pajamas, you name it they have them.

Here are some stores you can check out for that fresh, comfy loungewear for your everyday OOTD: Lounge Manila, Laya Manila, Essentiel Manila

Baggy Clothes

Earlier this year, the Gen Zs have “canceled” a lot of fashion trends that the millennials swear by, and while many do not agree with kicking the side-part to the bucket, the snuffing of skinny jeans and the coming into the fashion of baggy clothes seems to be taken well by, well, all generations.

Baggy clothes have enough space in them for the wearer to move in any way possible. The best part? It’s comfort, and good fashion in one as baggy clothes are basic pieces that can always be upstyled to the wearer’s heart desire.

Business on Top, Casual on the Bottom

The implementation of the work-from-home work style has allowed the skyrocketing of virtual, cam-on meetings, and much like normal meetings (Oh, how we’ve (sometimes) missed those!), dressing up for these virtual alignments is a requirement. This gave birth to what we now call the “business-on-top, casual-on-the-bottom” type of fashion trend.

The trend is simple, you wear collared professional clothing on top and sport comfortable, lounging pieces on the bottom. Some possible pairings are polo top and sweatpants; top, blazer and shorts; and tunic dress and leggings.

With our situation being far from over, this fashion style seems to be staying here in 2021, especially for all of us who now seem to be living the Zoom life.

90s Fashion

It started with the baggy jeans, but our favorite childhood fashion seems to be back now. Remember those cropped cardigans, small handbags, boyfriend jeans, and wide-leg pants? Yes, they’re now in again!

Image via CosmicStudio

It might be considered as one of the more atrocious eras of fashion, but people’s 2021 take on this fashion trend seems to be working quite well. And while the original 90s fashion includes bold layered clothing, the 2021 trend seems to focus more on softer prints and more refined textiles.



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