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The Rise of the East: Top 5 Asian Brands for Your Fashion Needs

The timeless Chanel, the fan-favorite Louis Vuitton, the classy Christian Dior, and the minimalist Prada, have been a part of the fashionistas' closet for years. These brands have already proven themselves as classic contenders for luxury brands. Fashion, however, will not be fashion if there aren't some disruptions going on.

Recently, Asian brands have been making a statement in the fashion industry with their fresh take on streetwear, casual attires, and even accessories that capture the vibrance and the uniqueness of their customers and sets new trends in the industry.

As Asian brands continue to dominate the fashion world, here are some fashion lines that you should look out for your next shopping trip!

Mimpi Kita, Malaysia

Mimpi Kita, which translates to "our dreams," is a fashion line created by the Zulkifli sisters: Nurul Afidah Zulkifli, Amirah Hanis Zulkifli and Fatimah Ani Syahira Zulkifli. The brand's main goal is to create pieces that break down barriers and change people's perceptions of modest fashion. Their creations are considered timeless, chic, and modest to fit the carefree and versatile women of today.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

Sretsis, Thailand

Like Mimpi Kita, Sretsis celebrates the dreamers, specifically the dreamers who grew up as one-of-a-kind women with an alluring attitude and unique taste. Sretsis, which was established almost two decades ago, boasts of a line of clothing that is not afraid of bold prints, floral designs, quirky slogans and their famous cherry-printed clothes.

To check their clothes out, please visit their website here.

Rokh, South Korea

Rokh is a fashion brand that highlights women's masculinity. The brand's products are characterized by styles that give off rawness, imperfection, and adolescence's uniqueness. From uneven skirts to cut-open sleeves and twisted hemlines, Rokh harmoniously mixes the elements of music, performance, imagery and photography into another form of art--fashion.

To learn more about Rokh, check out their website here.

Doodlage, India

Reinvention and sustainability--these are two words to describe Doodlage. Doodlage is an Indian fashion brand that is currently making waves for its high-fashion and eco-friendly clothes. What's unique about this brand is the individual identity of its clothes; no two garments are the same as raw materials used for the clothes' creation are always different.

For made to order clothes, check out Doodlage's website here.

Enfold, Japan

Far from the bold prints and the rawness of previous brands is Japan's Enfold, a minimalist clothing brand focused on creating a lasting wardrobe instead of a seasonal one. Apart from ensuring that you can wear their clothes all year round, Enfold also guarantees comfort as they craft clothes that allow smooth and ample movement for their customers.

To add Enfold products to your cart, visit their website here.


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