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These AJAA Special Videos Can Boost Your Day

Photo from ajaaofc/Instagram

Happiness often lies in the small, overlooked moments that patiently await our attention. Amid life’s chaos, our own versions of safe havens offer comfort. And for P-pop fans, just like any of us, rookie group AJAA rises as a reassuring presence, ready to uplift our day. 

Whether it’s their charming personalities or their songs bringing the fun and youthful side of P-pop, Ash, JC, Axl, and Alex are set to lift our spirits through their extra-cute special videos.


We can really never go wrong with amusement parks. And the new boys of P-pop are bringing their fresh game to one of their songs, “Torpe.” This seemingly promises an amusement date with AJAA, where their music not only becomes a soundtrack to the fun rides but also a vibrant backdrop to a day filled with laughter and unforgettable moments.

The energy transcends right through our screen!

“Cuppy Cake”

Looking for a laid-back weekend with your best friends? This “Cuppy Cake” special video exudes that vibe. As sweet as the icing on a cupcake, it captures the joy and camaraderie shared, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the warmth of cherished moments.

It’s just such a breath of fresh air to see idols having fun in front of the cameras. Hope you all enjoyed teaching Axl how to bike!


One thing about AJAA-----their dance moves never miss! And what better way to showcase them than with a performance video of their debut song, "Hany." Clad in school uniforms, the group exudes charisma and talent as they deliver a dance routine that perfectly complements the infectious energy of their music.

After a tiresome day, what we crave is an AJAA moment—a comforting space to unwind and recharge our spirits. With this revitalized energy, we can confidently face the next day, ready to conquer whatever challenges may come our way.



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