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Tiana Kocher is a Passionate Storyteller in Full Bloom

In the music industry, there are essentially two outcomes: either you blossom like a springtime daisy, thriving in the spotlight, or you wither, grappling to find your foothold amid the competition.

It’s a relentless arena where talent alone isn’t always enough. Yet, in the middle of constant challenges, those who remain steadfast in their passion for music often find ways to bloom and carve out their niche. 

In 2024, we witnessed a surge of women in music emerging to the global scene. Sarah Geronimo was recognized as one of Billboard’s Global Force awardees, P-Pop girl group BINI solidified their status as the “nation’s girl group” with the largest P-Pop monthly Spotify listenership, and Denise Julia rose to fame, becoming a household name in the Philippines’ R&B scene.

Amid this dynamic landscape, it’s only natural that the country’s R&B realm continues to evolve. Hence, like resilient daisies, it comes as little surprise that Tiana Kocher has swiftly risen, making her presence felt as a singer-songwriter, with her petals unfurling in melodies and her roots firmly grounded in her storytelling prowess.

An artist through and through

“Not really!” Contrary to the common notion that there’s always a pivotal moment in life that made her decide, “I would definitely become a singer-songwriter in the future,” Tiana declares that she has always known she would be one, as she puts it, “I’ve always known, since I came out of the womb!”

Growing up, music was an integral part of her life. From singing along to her favorite tunes in a multicultural household to composing her own melodies, Tiana’s journey as a singer-songwriter felt less like a choice and more like destiny unfolding before her very eyes.

And it’s definitely not a hidden fact that she comes from a prominent family in the country, being the granddaughter of a former senator Juan Ponce Enrile, but she’ll be the one to confess that she has never felt any pressure growing up. 

“Partly because my mom made me finish my studies in the Philippines and in the UK prior to joining the entertainment industry,” says the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts alumna. “So I was still able to have a childhood somewhat away from the limelight.”

Despite her family’s prominence, Tiana’s upbringing was grounded in balance, ensuring she had the opportunity to pursue her passions while also receiving a solid education. This foundation instilled in her a sense of resilience and a keen awareness of the complexities within the entertainment industry. 

“The greatest piece of advice I received from my parents was to be wise and to be vigilant,” the Filipino American singer shares, perturbing and making her realize the inherent challenges of navigating the maze. 

“It is such a cutthroat industry, and people always have ulterior motives. It's smart to never give too much too soon,” she reflects, acknowledging the importance of caution and strategic decision-making in an environment where trust can be easily exploited.

And just like daisies often grow in clusters, her support system continuously spreads cheer with their unwavering presence and encouragement, warmth and positivity, enough to keep her growing. 

A storyteller, a dreamweaver

In the cutthroat industry the emerging Filipina R&B artist is in, the phrase “I am a storyteller” perfectly captures how she introduces herself to those eager to understand her and her music. As she continues to craft her sound and style in 2024, the US-based artist’s goal is to not just create music, but “to paint vivid imagery” in the minds of every listener. 

From her freshman project EP “Tiana Kocher,” released in 2020, to her latest track “Daisies,” she has gone through more and more life experiences that change her perspective on things. 

This artistic growth has brought her to embrace more diverse musical influences, experiment with new sounds, and push the boundaries of her creativity, as for her, she only has around three minutes to make an impression and convey a compelling message. 

“I want my listeners to let go when they listen to my music and to really digest the words because I try to be as articulate as I can,” shares the “Slow It Down” songstress. “I only have around three minutes to make an impression and to paint a picture in your mind, so breathe and take it all in!”

Infusing more depth into her songs, Tiana has also embarked on transformative collaborations with Grammy-award winning artists such as TLC, Faith Evans, Sage The Gemini, and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, among others, in what she describes as “life-changing” pursuits.

“I will forever cherish the opportunity to work with those I looked up to and listened to while growing up,” she notes. “One of the invaluable lessons I learned from these experiences was professionalism: show up on time, look good, don’t show up drunk, and be ready to work!”

Reflecting on her musical influences, the “Love U More” singer shares, “All the artists I listened to growing up have made me the artist I am today in some way, shape, or form. I always apply what I learn, whether it’s how to sing a certain line or how to make something stronger lyrically.”

As a result, she has emerged as a consummate artist, able to effortlessly course through different genres and deliver performances that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide, while at the same time willing to always learn and grow, as she humbly remarks, “I am forever a student.”

Singing and writing for more

Tiana’s favorite OPM song is “Tadhana” by Up Dharma Down, and she finds it synonymous with the meaning behind her own discography with over a million streams combined in YouTube and Spotify. She shares that the biggest difference from her first single to “Daisies” lies in the meaning and the story behind each song.

“As I got older, I’ve gone through more life experiences, as one would say,” she quips. “More experiences, experiences one would have as an adult, and that changes my perspective on things.”

This evolution in perspective and life experience is evident in her music, as she delves deeper into themes of growth, resilience, and self-discovery. And when discussing her aspirations for the Filipino music industry, Tiana emphasizes the significance of songwriting. 

“Everybody knows Filipinos can sing, but not a lot of Filipinos are songwriters,” she observes, viewing songwriting as a valuable skill, essential for adding personal depth to music. “One thing I hope to contribute is to encourage artists to engage in songwriting, whether it’s for their own projects or for others.” 

Regarding potential collaborations, she expresses enthusiasm for working with Denise Julia, Hillari, and Rini, citing their notable achievements in contemporary R&B and their contributions to the music scene.

Their music has resonated deeply, earning a place in her personal rotation and inspiring her with their creativity and authenticity. As she expresses, “Personally, I love all their music and is currently in my rotation. I love the flair they bring into the contemporary R&B scene, all while still being very unique.”

Just as daisies bloom in clusters, Tiana envisions a future where Filipino artists come together to share their diverse narratives through music. With each collaboration and every new release, her presence in the industry serves as a sunlight of inspiration, reminding aspiring artists—those children, women, and every gender in the spectrum—to embrace their creativity and make their voices heard. 

Much like the resilience of springtime daisies, the passion for music of the “Daisies” singer-songwriter herself continues to shine brightly, illuminating pathways for growth, connection, and artistic expression in the Filipino music landscape as a woman in music.

While the music industry may have only two outcomes, Tiana Kocher is leaning towards the former, certainly blooming like a daisy, thriving in the spotlight, not just during springtime, but for all seasons to come.


Cover Story and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Photography by Mary Mason

Styling by Fiona Skye

Glam by Jay Alarcon



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