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When Food & Fashion Collides

The Fashion scene has taken a hiatus brought by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. To make ends meet, here are 11 Fashion Industry Friends who got into the food business.

Let's show our support to our local Filipino artists!

  1. Fashion Stylist Cath Sobrevega

Cakes and Flower Arrangements by Cath

2. Fashion Stylist / Designer Dani Familara

Biggie’s Pizza Food Establishment

3. Makeup Artist Gela Laurel

Hermana’s Kitchen

4. Hair Stylist Jay Wee

Clark’s Sardines (Bottled Sardines)*

*Orders can be made through direct/private message.

5. Fashion Designer and Aces and Queens Headstylist Mikee Andrei

Mommy Mikee’s Kitchen

6. Hair Stylist Mycke Arcano

Banana Bread Loaf *

*Orders can be made through direct/private message.

7. Fashion Model Patrick Patawaran

Choribun by Kalye Project

8. Fashion Stylist Patty Yap

Patty Lou’s Kitchen

9. Art & Creative Director Raymund Seranillo

Food Catering Business*

*Orders can be made through direct/private message

10. Fashion Stylist Ryuji Shiomitsu

Daily District

11. Fashion Model / Kumu Star Shanna Retuya

Wildberry MNL



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