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Why Paradeigma’s Gender-Free Apparel Deserves a Place in Your Wardrobe

Cover art by Airabelle

Paradeigma is a local fashion brand that focuses on creating comfortable pieces in the most stylish way possible. In an era where fashion has become more inclusive, Paradeigma has evolved to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Founded in 2018 by a fine arts student who took a leap of faith, the brand has since become a favorite among local celebrities and influencers. Here are six key things you need to know about Paradeigma and why it deserves a place in your wardrobe.

1. Gender Boundary Breaking Designs

One of the standout features of Paradeigma is its commitment to breaking gender stereotypes through fashion. Their aesthetic goes beyond clothing, resonating with the idea of inclusivity and relevance in today's world. By offering designs that challenge traditional gender norms, Paradeigma captures the spirit of contemporary fashion.

2. Expansive Color Choices

Paradeigma understands that personality is often influenced by different tastes and preferences, that’s why they have different shades for you to choose from. Ranging from elegant neutrals to vibrant shades, Paradeigma ensures there's something for everyone.

3. Vision

Paradeigma's vision is centered around providing comfort and a modern twist to every piece they create. To achieve this, they utilize Electric Pleated Fabric, known for its exceptional comfort and wearability.

4. Functional Pieces

Even in comfort, the sartorial piece needs to be functional. That’s where the brand collided with the idea of bringing utilitarian pieces but in comfort. Just like the pieces from their èxypnos collection which is a utilitarian piece with a range of multi-pocketed long sleeves.

5. Support To Local Artisans

Behind every successful brand lies a team of talented artisans who bring the designs to life. Paradeigma recognizes the importance of giving credit and support to the local artisans who contribute to their garments. They shine a spotlight on these artisans, acknowledging their vital role in the brand's success. By supporting Paradeigma, you're also supporting the skilled individuals who work tirelessly to create each piece. Their Instagram showcases the craftsmanship behind their collections.

6. Piece for a cause

Paradeigma's impact goes beyond creating glamorous and comfortable pieces. The brand also contributes to charitable causes. They have donated funds to a 17-year-old fighting stage 3 Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive change. When you choose Paradeigma, you're not just embracing style; you're making a meaningful impact.

You can check out Paradeigma pieces and collection through their website:

For updates on Paradeigma, follow their official Instagram account:



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