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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch “The Untamed”

Image courtesy of Tencent

If you’re well-versed in the world of Boys' Love, then you may have heard of “The Untamed.” It is a hit Chinese drama live-action adaptation about two magic-wielders fighting against demonic forces and complicated power struggles in a feudal-era fantasy world. Based on the most popular BL novel in China, The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi, 魔道祖师) written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

The 50-episode drama series was produced and originally aired by Tencent but now streaming on Netflix and WeTV, it stars Xiao Zhan as the mischievous, irreverent, and good-natured Wei Wuxian and Wang Yibo as the rather stiff, stoic, and spiritual Lan Zhan providing a perfect foil for both unfeasibly beautiful actors.

Hailed by most critics as a masterpiece, “The Untamed” is the C-Drama to watch right now. Here are TEN reasons why it's so amazing.

(In Photos: Wei Wuxian, Lan Zhan. Image courtesy of Tencent)

1. The Love Story Development

Development is what we look for in a story, and The Untamed has just that. Anyone can make a storyline where the two leads go from "seeing each other as an annoyance" to "willing to sacrifice their life to the other". However, The Untamed takes it a step further with beautiful pacing between a dramatic war within the cultivation world and realizing their feelings in different periods.

Image courtesy of Tencent

2. The Grey Line Between Right and Wrong

One of the famous quotes from The Untamed is “What defines right and wrong? What is black and what is white?” this drama is an excellent representation of the grey line between right and wrong. You will find yourself torn over the characters, their stories, and their actions — a result of fantastic story writing.

Image courtesy of Tencent

3. Beautifully Written Villains

Usually, in a story, we find ourselves hating the villains. However, in The Untamed, you’ll be surprised to see yourself trying to defend them in some way! All the villains here (well, not including the Wen sect’s despicable leaders) were given so much depth in their backstories and character that it becomes difficult to hate them in the end completely.

Image courtesy of Tencent

4. Intricately Planned Plot

The Untamed stayed faithful to the original novel “The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” as possible, including mind-blowing plot twists and development! You have a genius villain and a mysterious mastermind. With these two at play, you’ll see their battle of wits occur along with so much more.

Image courtesy of Tencent

5. Production Design

One cannot begin to describe the gorgeous props and costumes that were designed for The Untamed! From the designs on their swords, accessories, Hanfus, interior and exterior set plans, and sceneries, everything is so breathtaking that even a museum was opened in dedication for the creations!

Image courtesy of Tencent

6. Beautiful Symbolism

Although The Untamed had to adhere to strict Chinese censorship regulations, this didn’t stop the production team from portraying their love through the most beautiful symbolism. Despite their blatant gazes of love, we have everything hinted at through cultural significances, cinematographic representation, and hidden candies.

Image courtesy of Tencent

7. Amazing Acting

You’d need fantastic acting skills to portray that gaze of love through your eyes alone, and that’s what The Untamed has! Xiao Zhan, the actor for Wei Wuxian, and Wang Yibo, the actor for Lan Wangji, were hailed for their drama skills. Although many of the cast members were new actors, their acting skills were no joke.

Image courtesy of Tencent

8. Eye-Candy Actors and Actresses

How in the world was The Untamed able to gather so many gorgeous men and women in one series? While watching the series, you’ll catch yourself staring in admiration at their beauty alone. It’s always good to see exquisite looks on the silver screen, and The Untamed has all of that.

Image courtesy of Tencent

9. The Concept

Just think about it, an entire ancient fantasy world based in China! A combination of Wuxia, the genre for Chinese martial arts heroes, and Xianxia, the Chinese fantasy genre. Are you not fascinated by the concept of sects, swords that can become one with their owner, core cultivation, immortality, and necromancy?

Image courtesy of Tencent

10. Adaptations

Once you finish The Untamed, for sure, you will be thirsty for more! Don’t worry. After all, The Untamed is just one of many adaptations, and each adaptation has its differences. You have the original novel, the live-action, the donghua (Chinese animation), the manhua (Chinese graphic novel), Audio drama, Chibi drama, and even its upcoming game!

Image courtesy of Tencent

The Untamed's swoon-worthy romance has captured the hearts of its millions of viewers not just in China but also around the world — one of the biggest stepping stones for Chinese boys' love dramas. With so many astounding qualities all mixed together in one series, it is not surprising why it still receives awards even this year! If you are looking for an engrossing world to get lost in, or an intense drama full of soulmates saving each other while seeing a captivating storyline mixed with action, angst, pining, and love, then The Untamed is definitely for you! Now go ahead and hit Youtube, WeTV, or Netflix to start watching the first episode.

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1 Comment

Galve Daisylien A.
Galve Daisylien A.
May 09, 2021

Truly worth to watch and indeed a master piece!

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