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5 Beauty Products You Always See in Your Favorite Thai BL Series

One thing we can’t avoid in Boys Love series is the constant ad placements. Either it is a delicious snack or game freebie, there’s always going to be that those inserts that would catch your eye. However, we can’t deny that there’s an urge to want to try ‘em out after seeing these products so many times. Let’s dive into five different familiar beauty products you’ve seen in your favorite BL series! Which one are you interested in getting? Let’s see!

Colly Gluta C Plus

We all know the iconic pink beauty pills from the famous Boys Love “2gether”! As seen from different episodes, this product is advertised by the power ship BrightWin. Though it came with advertising, Colly Gluta C Plus made some sweet scenes between Sarawat and Tine. Take this pill twice a day for a whole month, and you’ll start to experience brighter, smoother, and clearer skin!

Jula's Herb Acne Soap

You might recognize this product from another GMMTV series that topped in popularity in the early half of 2021! Yep, the iconic A Tale of Thousand Stars. There, Phupha so generously lent Tian a bar to get himself all cleaned up. A rare treat for Tian in the rural setting of Pha Pan Dao village. Jula’s Herb Acne soap is said to reduce acne and oiliness, as well as tighten your pores.

Baby Bright BB Cream

The Baby Bright BB Cream comes in watermelon and tomato! This particular beauty cream is advertised by KristSingto, one of the pioneer pairs of the Thai BL world. You’ll see them showing off their effects in the Baby Bright specials that showcase the romance between a human and a ghost. With the cream, you have high coverage and the power to moisturize and provide oil control for your skin.

Mistine Idolo

Here it comes! Mistine Idolo. From the words alone, I’m sure you can already hear the ad lady’s voice! Oftentimes, fans won’t skip the ad just to see GMMTV’s pillar pairs, OffGun, KristSingto, BrightWin, and TayNew! This brand doesn’t stop at only one product and introduces lotions, gels, makeup, and more!

Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask

A product from outside GMMTV? Yep! This time, we have the most recently booming KaoUp pair from Lovely Writer the series. The jelly face mask was inserted cleverly through the episodes as a chance for romance and a sign of care. With the Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask, your skin will transform, making it more supple, radiant, and hydrated!

Often, ads tend to be boring, but it all changes when it features our favorite idols! Won’t it be even better if it comes with a unique poster or a photo card? Pamper yourself with these five beauty products advertised in Boys Love Series! So, which of these beauty products will you most likely buy?



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