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5 Girls Besties in BL Series We All Wish We Had

Behind every couple, there's bound to be a supporter! As we all know, well-rounded characters are the key to a successful romance. It's just as important for every BL romantic series to have supporting characters that motivate the main couple towards each other and inspire them to take the relationship further — this is why girl best friends play such an important role. So who comes out tops in your lists of favourite bl series girl best friends? Here are some of our favourites!

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Yihwa from Together with Me

Full of sass and confidence, Yihwa is the 'girl bestie' of Korn, and she already knew that he had the hots for Knock. She never hesitates when coming to the rescue! When there was an issue regarding a leaked photo of the leading pair, she swooped in and made a plan to disguise the photo's actual context! With this, she saved them from being outed. Yihwa is a fierce bestie ready to defend the leading pair, especially from a crazy ex-girlfriend!

Miriam from Tonhon Chonlatee

A girl who's a sucker for some hard cash and food, Miriam is the kind of best friend who'd go to lengths for you! Miriam met the main characters by chance, and they gained a funny and reliable friend. She did almost everything for Tonhon and Chonlatee. Hiding their relationship, pretending to be their girlfriend, and even (spoiler alert!) becoming the surrogate mother for their child!

Ink from Bad Buddy Series

Ink is the college girl crush that everyone would have! She was a classmate and friend of Pat and Pran back in high school and met them again in college. Everyone thought she'd become the third party, but lo and behold, she was one of the people that helped them realize their feelings. Another spoiler warning! Pat even trusted her enough to give his own sister away to her.

Mio from My Love Mix-Up!

Originally, Mio was Aoki's first love, but things quickly started mixing up! What was once a love interest became a girl's best friend. Her and an eraser's help brought a misunderstanding that would soon bloom into a romance between Aoki and Ida. Ida and Mio quickly became friends as they encouraged each other in their journey to love!

Pearl from GameBoys the Series

We can't have a girl bestie entry without adding Pearl from GameBoys! Pearl herself helped bring Cairo and Gavreel together, which made her call herself a matchmaker! If it wasn't for her, there wouldn't be much opportunity for them to communicate with quarantine. As their knight in shining armor, Pearl gave them encouragement and guidance.

More often than not, females are portrayed in a negative light in BL drama, but there are always exceptions! These five amazing women show us just how important a good friend can be in a time of need. With their beauty, sass, and wise guidance, these girl besties will always have the main lead's back! Which one is your favorite girl best friend?



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