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5 Times HORI7ON’s Marcus and Universe Ticket’s Elisia Proved They Were Born to be Idol-Cousins

Well, we’re claiming that the time for Filipinos to shine on the K-pop stage is now.

As global survival shows flourish, Filipino talents like Sophia Laforteza, HORI7ON, and Universe Ticket’s Elisia and Gehlee, confidently prove that their singing and dancing skills deserve global recognition. 

Interestingly, amid these rising stars, two idols stand out with a surprising connection—HORI7ON’s maknae, Marcus, and Universe Ticket’s Elisia are, in fact, cousins! Whether or not this revelation comes as a surprise, it adds an extra layer of excitement to see two blood-related Filipino idols realizing their K-pop dreams.

Now, we firmly believe Marcus and Elisia were destined for the stage, and here are five instances that unequivocally prove they are our exceptionally talented idol-cousins.

Our dynamic cousin duo

In an August 2021 video, Marcus and Elisia perform JYP and Rain’s “Switch to Me.” The cousins seamlessly blend singing and dancing in the more than three-minute performance, highlighting their remarkable stability and prowess in both aspects. 

Yes, we want that!

When 14-year-old Elisia performed “Selfish” by YooA on Universe Ticket, she captivated not only the Filipino and global audience but also the panel of judges (saw your reaction Kim Sejeong!). The YouTube video of her performance currently has over 500K views as of writing.

In a TikTok video, she’s joined by Marcus, dancing to the same song. Despite being just a 27-second dance cover, it vividly showcases the charm of these young Filipino idols. The comments? One user expressed shock upon discovering that they are cousins, a reaction we shared when we made the same discovery last year, don’t worry!

The Dream Maker crossover

If there are things Dream Maker got right, one of them is bringing “Lovey Dovey” to life. Secondly, Marcus performing it as one of their mission songs, and thirdly, having it as one of HORI7ON’s tracks!

Adding to the charm, Elisia, likely in 2022, also showcased her dancing prowess to this delightful tune. Talk about cousins acing their respective survival show stages, right? Truly iconic!

They were child actors!

Aside from their roles as idols on stage, both Marcus and Elisia started their careers as child actors. At the age of 10, Elisia portrayed the character Rachel in the 2019 ABS-CBN drama “Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit.”

Meanwhile, Marcus took on the role of “Tristan” in the 2018 film “My 2 Mommies.” These experiences not only shaped their artistic abilities but also laid the foundation for their later journeys as multi-talented individuals in the world of entertainment.

Runs in the blood

If being an idol runs in the blood, Marcus and Elisia would undoubtedly affirm that, and their visuals speak volumes. It’s as if the artistry and allure of being an idol are ingrained in their very essence, creating a dynamic duo that not only acknowledges but also embodies the legacy of their shared passion for the stage.

Gone are the days of scarce Filipino presence in K-pop, with HORI7ON and the assured debut of Elisia standing as testaments to that shift. The cousins’ journey not only marks a turning point but also sets the stage for a new era where Filipino talents confidently claim their space in the global entertainment landscape. 

We’re waiting for more interactions on the K-pop stage, Marcus and Elisia!



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