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7 Dreams Fulfilled by the All-Pinoy Global Pop Group 'HORI7ON'

As the music industry continues to globalize, the competition for the spotlight becomes tighter. Yet, no one wants to be drowned. Now that it’s time for the fifth generation of K-pop and the new era of P-pop to ascend, it can be quite challenging to make waves.

With this in sight, a rookie boy group—the best of both K-pop and P-pop worlds combined—rises above all. Enter HORI7ON, the all-Filipino global pop group that has etched its name in history and marked many firsts since their official voyage.

Before we sail to their main cover story, here’s a list of all the dreams achieved and waves crashed by Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus.

Their 21-track debut album

We’ve come to an era where we anticipate what both the established and the newly formed groups will bring to the table. There's tripleS with a decentralized concept, NCT with a limitless expansion, and XG and HORI7ON, both taking pride as global pop groups.

After completing 100 days of rigorous K-training, the “Lovey Dovey” singers made their official Korean debut with “Friend-SHIP,” which consists of 21 tracks. The album includes pre-debut singles and songs they performed on the survival show, Dream Maker.

The seven-piece group's diverse musical styles shine even brighter through their sub-unit tracks, featuring maknaes Jeromy and Marcus on “How You Feel,” Vinci, Kyler, Kim, Reyster, and Winston on “Death or Paradise,” and additional collaborations with other MLD groups, Lapillus, TFN, and New:ID.

With their full-length album, HORIZON knows how to make a grand entrance and deliver a soundscape like no other.

Debuting at the top spot on the iTunes’ album charts

As they unfurl their sails toward the global stage, the "Dash" performers are hoisting the Filipino flag to new heights. Undoubtedly, their talent beckons a larger audience and more extensive acclaim.

Setting forth on their journey to international limelight, they made a powerful debut, claiming the top spot on iTunes' album charts in different countries including the Philippines, UAE, and New Zealand. They've garnered a warm welcome not only from the Filipino fans but also from the "Anchors" worldwide—a resounding testament to their global appeal even during their pre-debut days.

First all-Filipino group to perform on Korean music shows

As the lucky seven entered the Korean music industry a few months ago, they became the first all-Filipino boy group to perform on one of South Korea’s biggest music shows, Mcountdown.

They are unstoppable, having charmed fans with their debut single "SIX7EEN" on various music show stages and showcased their dynamics on variety shows.

Exuding youthful energy, they appear as if they just stepped out of the “fresh and cute” department, like 16-year-old teenagers.

First music show nomination

Just nine days after their debut, they earned a nomination for "The Show Choice" on SBS MTV's "The Show." This represents a significant milestone for HORI7ON on their journey to global recognition, and they are achieving it one catchy track at a time.

As these all-Filipino talents continue to work hard, these factors are what keep “Anchors” on their toes, eagerly anticipating and supporting them to become the next big thing in global pop music.

First international music festival

For the most part, performing alongside our favorite K-pop idols is a distant dream for many. Sharing a stage with them at a single event is always a once-in-a-blue-moon experience, or for some, an impossible goal. However, for the septet who were K-pop fans before becoming HORI7ON, those dreams have become their reality.

Joining the KAMPFEST CDMX (Ciudad de México) in Mexico, the group just had their first international music festival stint. Witnessing them achieve their international stage debut is inspiring. It provides comfort for dreamers out there, showing that there's ample room to pursue our dreams, just as the members of HORI7ON have realized theirs.

First major concert in Araneta

"Dreams come true." These were the words that echoed from the members when they successfully commenced their first major concert in Manila on September 9. The members basked in the overwhelming love and support of their dedicated "Anchors" who had journeyed to be with them at their special concert.

There's certainly an air of mystery whenever they grace the stage. Whatever it is, each one of them authentically appears content with what they're doing, demonstrating that they were born to be called as idols. Their passion naturally shines through in all their performances—and that makes us want to root for them a hundred times more.

First Filipinos to attend the biggest Korean awards show

As the line separating the K-pop world to the rest becomes fuzzy, we expect to see more exciting collaborations and international influences shaping the future of the world's music scene.

A manifestation of that is how one of the biggest Korean awards shows, Asia Artists Award 2023 is coming to the Philippines this December. A much thrilling surprise? HORI7ON along with P-pop Kings SB19 are attending the star-studded event.

With their participation, they will become the first Filipino acts to attend such a significant gathering of idols and K-drama actors. Prior to the official announcement, HORI7ON secured the top spot in the pre-conducted popularity vote, indicating strong anticipation for their future endeavors.

As they continue to make histories, tick the boxes of all their firsts, and chase their dreams one album at a time, HORI7ON sends us a love letter that dreams do happen. Their inspiring journey from being ordinary fans to becoming full-blown global pop idols unveils boundless possibilities that await for those who dare to dream.

The world is their stage to conquer, just as it is for you, their global "Anchors."

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Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Main cover story by Marielle Filoteo

Media Associate Arkeen Perez

Social Media Manager Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Editorial Assistance by Allen Esteban

Production Design by Dave Arden

Fashion film by Ian Francisco

Video Associate Anghel Millar

Styling by Mark Ranque and Yim Ji Hye

Assisted by Lalaine Victoria ,Darwin Escamillas and Ryebread

Makeup by Kim Doyeon

Hair by Song Yoo Keun

Food Sponsors

House of Li Kakanin Buffet and Grazing Table by Kaiden's

Special thanks to MLD Entertainment and Star Magic

Shot at CPMP Studio



Yster Yton
Yster Yton
Oct 01, 2023

Thank you for this well-written article about HORI7ON! Looking forward for my HITC magazine! Will order OTM version soon.


Paul Graphics
Paul Graphics
Oct 01, 2023

loved this


Oscar, Jr. Singh
Oscar, Jr. Singh
Sep 30, 2023

Thank you for featuring our HORI7ON. They slayed on both concept and you did great.


Jaira Maree
Jaira Maree
Sep 30, 2023

You know what makes them stand out? We never feel any awkwardness! They really slayed in every photo. Thats why they can pull off ANY theme. Which makes me really proud of them. Unbelievably stunning. Good job our OT7!

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