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Adie on Life, Music, and Chasing Sunsets

Singer-songwriter Adie, born Adrian Garcia Eugenio, has had an incredible year with his music, yet he remains self-effacing. As the sun touches his face during his cover shoot with PARCINQ, he stands a little nervous and self-aware with his tad and mellow expression. But once he had his guitar over, his wide-eyed and straight face lit up like sunshine. As if he had never felt so fulfilled and satisfied.

During our interview session, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter had never been calmer. "Wala namang masyadong fun-fact about me, what you see is what you get," Adie said in his most honest way as he shared more profound stories from his pursuit of happiness, music, and the trip of a lifetime.

Adie on a Trip

The singer-songwriter started in the scene by posting song covers online, but when he released his viral hit, "Paraluman," last year, his whole world changed in the best way possible. Little did he know that the song, inspired by his happy crush on Angelina Cruz, the eldest daughter of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano, would make his life story more interesting. "I feel so blessed. As a newbie artist, I didn't expect everything that happened. When I started writing my own songs; all I really wanted was to share my stories and be heard," he said.

"At first hindi ko naman alam na merong 'something' sa song writing ko," he said with a humble smile when asked about how he became an artist. "Noong una,ginagawa ko lang siya for fun, for my own satisfaction lang. Hindi ko inexpect, or hindi ko naman dream na mapunta rito. Passion lang talaga and dream, hindi ko inexpect or inisip na maging proffession."

The Tahanan-singer also talked about how his fans' seal of approval increased his confidence in his work "I feel so blessed. As a newbie artist, I didn't expect to have that kind of reception. Being able to release the song and convey my message to people. The good feedback and streams are just bonuses. It gave me a boost of confidence about my art," he said.

The official music video of Paraluman, featuring Ivana Alawi, and directed by Bela Padilla, has now over 5 million views on YouTube, its official lyric video is peaking at 1.8 million views, and Adie's performance of the hit single on Wish 107.5 bus has now over 1.4 million views.

Many fans may not know this, but Adie got his first real shot in the limelight when he submitted an entry for Callalily's Open Collab songwriting competition, a contest that would grant the winner an opportunity to write a collaborative track with the band. Luckily, the stars aligned for our golden boy, and he made it to the top ten of the competition.

Admittedly, Adie has much to be thankful for. Having been signed to a music label under O/C Records, which Kean Cipriano heads, has brought tremendous change in his life. His presence, music, and artistry have come a long way, and he is just getting started.

"When I saw him, I felt he had a big potential because he really writes well. He's serious with his art," Kean said of Adie. That's a common sentiment among artists who hear Adie's music. He has just a few records to his name, no album out, but he graced us with something we can all call a masterpiece in the last year.

Since "Paraluman" was released under O/C Records, it has been streamed more than 67 million times on Spotify and featured on some of the music platform's prominent local playlists, including Hot Hits Viral 50 Global and Top 50 Philippines. Adie's trip to success indeed just started, and he has never shown any signs of stopping. From that day forward, he has then released more heartfelt songs such as "Dungaw," "Tahanan," "Sawa Na," and his cover of Rivermaya's "You'll Be Safe Here."

The Emotion Highway

There's no denying that Adie has already become a staple in the local alt/indie scene. But before he became the Adie that we now know, he was a simple boy who spent most of his time being at peace with his emotions — like driving alone on a highway of feelings. "I am very sentimental," he says. "In terms of the things that I've been through and what I have now, I really give them value."

That's why Adie's songs are as heartfelt and raw as they are. It is the mere harmonization of human emotions at its peak. "Every song that I have released so far is mainly based on different perceptions like stories of people, friends, or movies," he added. "The moment na may ma feel ako, dun talaga ako nag sisimulang magsulat. Pero sometimes, sa mga song ko I include personal experiences sa love, sa life, and everything in between."

"Yung mga nasusulat ko kasi may story siya. Hindi siya straight to the point. Hindi siya as is kasi open siya for different interpretations, stories, and emotions," he said.

When asked about the most personal song that he has ever written, Adie said that his single "Tahanan" speaks to him in a whole new level. "Siguro lahat ng na release ko yun yung pinaka personal. Unlike in ‘Paraluman,’ na very optimistic, and imaginative ko nung sinulat ko siya. Sa ‘Tahanan’ very personal siya sakin kasi nararamdaman ko talaga yung mga nararamdaman ng mga nakikinig sa song."

Chasing Sunsets

Much like his favorite artists, Rex Orange County, Moira Dela Torre, and folk-pop/pop-rock band Ben&Ben, Adie wants to make his stay in the industry an unforgettable ride of his life. As much as possible, he wants to have the opportunity to grow and become the artists he did not imagine, not even in his wildest dreams.

Recently, Adie released his newest single, "Tahanan," which he refers to as the most personal song he's ever written yet. When asked about the inspiration for this track, Adie reveals, “It’s about my family that will always be my home in all ways no matter what.” Adie also said that his single "Tahanan" speaks to him in a whole new level. "Siguro lahat ng na release ko yun yung pinaka personal. Unlike in ‘Paraluman,’ na very optimistic, and imaginative ko nung sinulat ko siya. Sa ‘Tahanan’ very personal siya sakin kasi nararamdaman ko talaga yung mga nararamdaman ng mga nakikinig sa song."

The new single marks Adie's era as he concludes such a momentous stint with major music nominations — Breakthrough Artist and Favorite Male Artist in the 34th Awit Awards; Wish Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Wishclusive Contemporary Folk Performance of the Year for his single "Paraluman" in the 7th Wish Music Awards.

When asked about what's next for him, the rising artist was certain and did not hesitate in his answer "Siguro more songs na ma-release at mapakinggan ng mga tao, makainspire sa mga tao," he said. "More opportunities."

He would also love to try out and sing his heart out using different genres, "Ngayon kasi may im sustaining a style or genre kasi dito ako nakilala. Pero soon, hindi malabo na mag shift ako sa genre. Hindi malabo." He also joked about maybe writing a laid-back summer song in Tagalog, "Maybe a soft pop song called 'Init,' he said and laughed.

But kidding aside. But just like very artists who launched their careers during the pandemic, Adie has yet to experience playing in the live music scene, and that is something he wishes to do. "I want to experience the real live scene, where people are watching, singing along with you," he said.

With the looks of it, our sunny boy will surely go far in his rising journey to the top. Right now, though, he's engaged in giving people exactly what they want, but for sure, he has more in store for his fans. After all, opportunities like this do not come around every day, and therefore not a single day should be wasted. But with everything he is experiencing, one thing is for sure for Adie; there will be more sunrise and chasing sunsets.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin Produced by Philip Vargas Video & Art by Joe Andy Cover Story by Mark Baccay Styling by New Collective Style Grooming by Kim Roy Opog Hair by Jeff Valenzuela Special Thanks to Viva Artists Agency, OC Records Ph @hm #adieforhm #MUSICxME #AdjustYourFrequency



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